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Circular Line "South Depot" Sees the Light of Day
  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
  • Date: 2016-10-25

Ariel View of South Depot Construction

The Circular line South Depot is on the Circular line Phase I of the Taipei Metropolitan Area MRT "Three Rings & Three Lines" and is being constructed under sub-contract CF642 of the section contract CF640. It is located in Shisizhang agricultural lot in Xindian District between Zhongzheng Road and Huanhe Road. With Xiulang Bridge to the north and Zhongan Bridge to the south, transportation in the surrounding area is convenient. In addition, with the Riverside Park and Xindian River to the west, overlooking Jian Mountain, it is rich in natural and human resources.

The South Depot covers an area of 14.33 hectares and is larger than the size of seven arenas. The total excavation area is approximately 9.5 hectares with a depth of approximately 12 meters. Part of the depot's configuration is a joint-development structure with a high rise building which covers an area of approximately 7 hectares.

South Depot will be a major maintenance and repair center for the Circular line (with five-grade maintenance functionality) and will include buildings such as, a stabling yard, a fan-shaped track area, a maintenance plant, an administrative center,an electrical substation, a civil engineering and track maintenance plant, a car-washing area, a warehouse for special goods, a waste-collection area, sewage treatment facilities, and security guard offices.

The external wall of the maintenance plant and administrative center building features a painted pottery curtain with excellent thermal insulation performance that is capable of blocking large amounts of external heat sources and effectively reducing energy consumption for air conditioning.

The stabling yard's configurations are regulated to be as suitable as possible for joint-development construction in the area. Each zone has three train configurations, and there are 22 zones that can be used to store a total of 64 train cars. Such a centralized configuration of stabling yard is beneficial for land development and high-rise building construction.

The stabling yard column spacing is in a 9m x 9.2m square pattern, which in addition to allowing for an even stress distribution and improving seismic performance, also has the advantage of allowing for an underground parking lot, depot stabling yard, and a model spatial distribution of residential buildings, which facilitates the efficient use of space. In the future, the land above the depot will be developed to construct a high-rise building to provide residents with places to live adjacent to the MRT.

After the completion of construction on Circular line Phase I, eight different MRT routes will be connected and shorten the commuting distance between the following four administrative districts in New Taipei City: Xindian, Zhonghe, Banqiao, and Xinzhuang. It will also balance the development of urban and rural areas within the New Taipei City area, increase the competitiveness of the city, improve time efficiency, and be an all-around excellent blessing for the public.

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