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Taipei Heping Basketball Stadium Construction Completed

Construction is now complete on"Taipei Heping Basketball Stadium," a major location for the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade. On June 8 at 10:00 am, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je paid a special visit to the venue together with Sports Administration, Ministry of Education Deputy Director Lin Zhe-hong and other VIP guests from sports world.


In his speech, Mayor Ko stated that everyone is looking forward to the debut of the 2017 Taipei Universiade in another 71 days in Taipei City. This is a grand occasion for the country and an honor for Taipei City. He also expressed his belief that during the competition period from August 19 to 30, this energy-filled city will be able to set off a wave of movement. Mayor Ko also explained that with a total floor area of 35,000 square meters and over 7,000 seats for spectators, "Taipei Heping Basketball Stadium" features the latest planning, the best facilities, and is fully compliant with International Basketball Association (FIBA) standards and the International University Sports Federation's (FISU) requirements for basketball stadiums. It will provide basketball players from around the world with a venue to showcase their talents and give the top performances of their athletic


Mayor Ko also specially mentioned that following the close of 2017 Taipei Universiade, this basketball stadium will continue to serve as an international and domestic basketball venue. Furthermore, because the venue has implications of planning and design required for other sporting events, it can be transformed and be provided for use in other sporting competitions, such as volleyball, table tennis, badminton, handball, gymnastics, and fencing.


Taipei Heping Basketball Stadium is located near the northwest side of the Daan Sports Center on the intersection of Section 3, Xinhai Road and Keelung Road in the Daan District of Taipei City. With a plethora of architectural features, it fully meets the standards for international competition venues. In addition to the multi-purpose court area, it is also equipped with a 150 meter long PU warm-up runway area. For the convenience of elderly people and those with movement disabilities, the stadium is equipped with all-access facilities and also features a media broadcast area and an SNG parking area. It is an energy-saving work of architecture with fine urban aesthetics. Furthermore, the site includes a provision for water storage functionality, so when it is filled with water during torrential rains, rain outflows can be avoided and the water can be stored for other uses in the future. Because of eight indicators, including water conservation,
energy saving, carbon reduction, and environmental friendliness, it was awarded the "Gold Candidate Green
Building Certificate."In addition, it gained the "Certified Candidate Intelligent Building Certificate" in the following five indicators: installation of diversified software, system integration, and safety and disaster prevention.


The stadium is located on the campus of Taipei City Heping Elementary School; consequently, the construction
dissolves into the campus landscape, and the building materials selection, spatial design, moving line considerations, and outside garden landscape were built in accordance with integrated planning. The basketball stadium will be operated in operate-transfer (OT) manner, and it will be a top-choice sporting venue for the students to learn happily and relax when there is no sporting event being held. Heping Elementary School is located within Xianeipu Military Dependents' Village and is a historic building with architectural preservation value left by dependents and has features such as the village entrance
arches located at the entrance trail of the southeast side of the basketball stadium. The modern gymnasium has an atmosphere of historical memory, and the hand washing sinks are installed at the outer exhibition area of the school's activity area. It also features precious tree species, which were fully transplanted in the park area or transplanted to appropriate locations outside of the park area. The site simultaneously displays modern construction and efforts to protect precious historical assets.
DORTS' South District Project Office was commissioned to handle this construction project by the Taipei City
Education Department, with spatial planning as detailed below:


1. Basketball stadium: the 4 level reinforced concrete and steel structure has a seating capacity of over 7,000.


2. Teaching and administrative building: the 6 level reinforced concrete structure has teaching and school administrative space for grades 1-6 (12 classes) and 2 kindergarten classes.


3. Warm-up stadium: the 4 level steel structure is a space for student instruction and physical education activities and an auditorium with an 800 person capacity.


4. The outdoor interactive facilities include a nature discovery area, a creative outdoor classroom, adventure game facilities, an agricultural food and feeding area, and an outdoor cooking area.


5. The parking lot is located on the first underground level, and there are 195 parking spaces for cars and 347 parking spaces for motorcycles.