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Priority Will Be Given to the Curtain Wall Construction of Taipei Performing Arts Center to Proceed with the 1st Open Tender

Last year the project contractor for the construction of Taipei Performing Arts Center unexpectedly announced bankruptcy due to financial distress, and then the construction was suspended. Afterwards, open tenders were held twice, but failed unfortunately. In order to expedite the continuation of works, Taipei City Government has given priority to the curtain wall construction covering the waterproof, finishing, electrical and mechanical works to proceed with the 1st open tender.

When the continuation of works begins, the contractor will be required to check the broken corrugated glasses which were caused mainly due to unfixed installation in the beginning and accidental crashing during construction. After having those broken glasses marked at the scene and checking if there is new one broken, the new contractor will conduct an overall investigation and place a completely new order.

In addition, the original contractor En Chi Co. adopted unqualified fireproof paints, and the solution to the situation is to treat it with fire prevention board or fire protection coatings. The outdoor part of which fireproof materials are qualified has some collisions, and the new contractor will be asked to carry out repairs to ensure fire resistance. In addition, dust and floating rust which were found on the escalator chains should also be removed and rechecked, or replaced by relevant components if necessary to ensure safety. The above-mentioned repairs are to be incorporated into the work scope of the 2nd tender for the continuation of work.

The previous two tenders for Taipei Performing Arts Center were aborted on March 21, and April 21, 2017 respectively due to the absence of bidders. To facilitate the resumption of construction, Taipei City Government has considered having the project implemented in separate tenders. An open reading for the first tender will be provided on May 25, and the open tender will be held in the middle of June; the 2nd tender for the remaining works is to be taken over by Taipei City Public Works Department.