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DORTS: No Structural Concerns and No Sea Sand Used for the Xindian Line

In response to a media report alleging that sea sand was illegally used in the Xindian line's construction, exposing the public to possible public security risks, the Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) clarified that there are no structural concerns on the Xindian line, and the claim that sea sand had been used is untrue.

According to the inspection reports by structural technicians of the Taoyuan Structural Engineer Association, commissioned by the Gongguan Station JD management committee, there is no immediate hazard. The JD building comprises one ground floor and four underground levels, and on each floor there are 29 columns. Up until now, cracks have occurred only on column No. C17 in the fourth floor basement. Furthermore, on the cracks there exists one tiny white lump containing a high level of chloride, and there are steel corrosions near the white lump. At the same time, none of the corrosions were found on the surrounding main steel bars and hooped columns, and there were no obvious cracks on the other columns, proving that there are no security concerns for the JD building and the alleged use of sea sand is untrue. (It is by no means a sea-sand building)

According to the integrated inspection report, DORTS will assume responsibilities and take appropriate measures to improve the situation of corrosion exposures near the known white lump and proceed with reinforcements. As for the load design, it is suggested that the overloading design of the fitness center follow the layout of the design drawing issued in 2004, rather than having a uniformly distributed load. DORTS will urge the lessee to entrust a qualified architect to conduct a follow-up inspection and take necessary measures in order to help ease residents' safety concerns.

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  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
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