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Nangang Depot Joint-development (JD) Project to be Discontinued

In consideration of preventing a failure in the implementation of the MeHAS JD Project, Taipei City government realized that it would be necessary to terminate the contract of the "Nangang Depot JD Project" with the investor-Radium Life Tech. In line with Taipei City government's "East District Gateway development projects", Nangang Depot will be used for government organizations, and public housings, etc. Upon obtaining the approval from Taipei City government, DORTS will take steps to bring the contract to an end.

As previously estimated by DORTS for the termination of contract, Taipei City government will return to Radium the reimbursement costs totaling NT$320,000,000. As for the construction fees of the co-constructed building, performance bond, the design fees, preliminary construction costs, and related interests, drawing up an estimate of NT$ 320,000,000. As for the miscellaneous items, Radium has officially requested to withdraw the relevant expenditures in accordance with the payment vouchers which will be approved by both of parties through negotiation.

On March 4, 2016, Radium submitted a letter to Taipei City government in an attempt to terminate the contract by mutual assent. From now on, DORTS will proceed with the preparation of relevant documents used for the official negotiations with Radium, and will make every endeavor to safeguard the rights and greatest benefits of the government and all the citizens.

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  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
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