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Stable Monitoring Values on the Taipei Dome Construction Signify Safe Operation of Bannan MRT Line

The Taipei Dome's foundation construction was completed on August 15, 2015. Furthermore, the initial monitoring values showed only minor changes and were judged as normal and attributable to the consolidation effect, which was trigged by pore water pressure when the clay strata were stirred. Up until now, follow-up reports with no obvious variations in monitoring values surely indicate that the clay strata are stabilizing and will have no further impacts on the Bannan MRT line.

The underground tunnel structure of the MRT Bannan line is composed of concrete linings. It is also flexible and resistant to lateral deformations with the completion of the Taipei Dome foundation. In addition, the water level measurements and soil pressure observations along Zhongxiao East Road all are within the safe range, and there are no risk concerns with unexpected buoyancy defection caused by heavy rain. Having no connection with the Taipei Dome's steel structure corrosion, for now, the MRT tunnel is safe.

Safety evaluations and subsequent improvements are in the process of being carried out by Taiwan Geotechnical Society, which was commissioned by Farglory Land Development Corp., and invert cracks have been already repaired. DORTS will continue to check monitoring data to ensure the safety of the MRT. Therefore, the general public can rest assured when taking the Bannan MRT line.

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  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
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