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DORTS Clarifies Media Alleged Report on Taipei MRT Joint Development Buildings

Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) is the administration authority responsible for the management and implementation of all MRT Joint Development (JD) projects. All the MRT JD projects are carried out by DORTS based on "The Rights and Interests Allocation Regulations of Public-owned Land Participating in Taipei MRT Land Development"stipulated by Taipei City government. In order to ensure the maximum interests of the residents of Taipei City, DORTS conducts negotiations with the investors on the rights and interests allocation in a fair and reasonable manner.

DORTS explained that the investors promise the least share ratio of interest with the landowners at the first stage when bidding the contracts. Then,DORTS will proceed with the negotiations with the investors about the rights and interests allocation and finally submit the outcome of the negotiation to the Taipei City government for approval. Up until now, the JD projects are mainly under the negotiations of the rights and interests allocation, and they are not at the stage of reappraisal or renegotiation as alleged in the media report. Unless both parties fail to reach an agreement, it will only go to arbitration. In addition, the proposals of the rights and interests allocation are not submitted by the investors of the JD projects at Xinyi Anhe Station, Sanchong Station, and Daqiaotou Station (M5, 6 and 2), thus the appraisal and negotiation of the rights and interests allocation are not initiated.

DORTS emphasized, for the time being, the JD project of the Neihu Station is applying for the building usage permit, and the media's allegation that Taipei City Government has suspended issuing the usage permit is untrue. In case the rights and interests allocation is not settled at final stage, the investor will not be authorized to sell the buildings that will undoubtedly have an adverse impact on the operation of companies. DORTS is aggressively engaging in negotiations with the investors to dissolve disputes and avoid idle properties.

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  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
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