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Explanatory Meeting for Investor Recruitment for JD Projects at the Dingpu Station and Songjiang Nanjing Station

Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems will hold an explanatory meeting on 30 May 2016 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. regarding investor recruitment for the joint development (JD) projects at the Tucheng Extension's Dingpu Station and Songshan Line's Songjiang Nanjing Station in the B1 conference room at DORTS' headquarters. (No. 7, Lane 48, Zhongshan N. Rd., Taipei City)

In response to criticism and comments about the MRT's JD from various social sectors, the Taipei City government has proceeded with a critical review in an open, fair and reasonable manner, and come up with two corresponding measures: 1.Standard Operating Procedure for "Investors Selection and Rights and Interests Allocation (the improved extra surplus allocation)," which was promulgated in July 2015. 2. Principles of "the Metropolitan Area's JD Rights and Interests Conversion," which was enacted in Feb. 2016. The afore-mentioned proposals for amelioration on the mechanism of land development are devoted to creating multiple wins for the landowners, investors, citizens and city government.

After the newly established procedure and principles come into effect, the explanatory meeting for the investor recruitment will first be conducted by DORTS, who will arrange a small forum with Collier International Taiwan Branch and DTZ, Cushman & Wakefield Taiwan Branch. The representatives from the said-mentioned companies will proceed with relevant discussions on the newly draw-up mechanism for land development, explanations of the financial assessment results of the Dinpu Station and the Songjiang Nanjing Station, as well as FAQ on the scene. The contents of the bilateral discussion will be embodied in the tendering documents, with the goal of expediting the implementation of the land development by means of sharing experience and exchanging opinions.

The contents of the subjected JD projects are summarized below:

1. The Tucheng Extension's Dingpu Station's JD Project The project will be implemented near No. 51, Zhongiang Road 4th Section, Tucheng District, New Taipei City and include four pieces of land with a total floor area of 5, 177 M2, and the site area is categorized as the Dingpu Hi-tech Industrial Area (No.4). The building coverage ratio is 70%, and the floor area ratio is 400% (the maximum ratio reaches 600%.) Since the operation of the Tucheng line has benefited the living functions for local residents, the future buildings on the site area will be designated for both residential and commercial use. The public tendering for soliciting investors is scheduled for June 2016.

2. The Songshan Line's Songjiang Nanjing Station's JD Project The project will be implemented at the southeastern side of the intersection of the Nanjing East Road 3rd Section and Songjiang Road and include three pieces of land with a total floor area of 455 M2, and the land area is categorized as a joint development area. The building coverage ratio of this site area is allowed to reach to 1.5 times the original (legal) one. Since commercial functions have gradually matured adjacent to the area of this site, the future buildings will be used as offices, residences, and commercial buildings. The public tendering for soliciting investors is scheduled for June 2016.

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