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DORTS Explains Advances in the Self-redeeming Finance of the Xinzhuang & Luzhou Lines Appealed to the High Administrative Court

In compliance with the financial plan of the MRT Xinzhuang & Luzhou lines approved by the Executive Yuan, both provincial and local governments shall be held accountable for the source of self-redeeming finance. However after the provincial government was downsized, the central government refused to take over the responsibility and believed that the local government instead of the provincial government should take on the responsibility to raise this money. Given that Taipei City government is the authority in charge of the Taipei MRT construction, it has the responsibility to speed up the progress of construction and to have it open for service as soon as possible. Thus, the Taipei City government has no choice but to pay the disbursement in advance from the municipal treasury, and the amount of the disbursement has reached NT$10.228 billion as of the end of this April. Although the Xinzhuang & Luzhou lines have opened for commercial services for a period of time, the Xinzhuang Depot is still under construction.

Considering that the central or local government has to pay the disbursement in advance during the construction period, Taipei City government made an appeal to the Taipei High Administrative Court (THAC). On Dec.31, 2015, the entrusted lawyer filed the suit to conduct the judiciary proceedings, and on June 15, 2016, THAC pronounced judgment that Taipei City government had lost the lawsuit; however, it is still permitted to re-appeal. Since Taipei City government's Department of Rapid Transit Systems has not received the court verdict yet, the reason for the judicial decision is still unknown. Upon receiving the written judgment, DORTS will determine whether to re-appeal or not after discussing follow-up coping strategies with the lawyer.

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  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
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