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Joint Development

Soaring land prices and a more politically aware and active citizenry have made it increasingly difficult to acquire rights-of-way. Countless obstacles have to be overcome in the implementation of an MRT project. Nevertheless, with the support of the Taipei City Council and central government officials, we eventually acquired the necessary rights-of-way and landowners have gained their due returns. On the initial transit network, there are 46 Taipei MRT stations and depots where joint development program sites are located, with another 26 proposed locations on the long-term network. The Technology Building Station and Daan Station are two examples of just how efficiently land resources have been utilized and how well urban development is going on the Taipei MRT. Public opposition has diminished while business opportunities have been created for local communities.

In the construction of joint development buildings together with transit facilities such as entrances and vent shafts, the build-operate-transfer (BOT) strategy has been approved for efficiency on the long-term network.

Wenhu Line Technology Building Wenhu Line Zhongshan Junior High School JD Building
Wenhu Line Daan JD Building Xindian Line Guting JD Building
Nangang Line Taipei Main Station JD Building Xindian Line Jingmei JD Building

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