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DORTS Clarifies Media’s Alleged Report on Three JD Projects Totaling Amount of NT$6.1 Billion Submission by TCG for Arbitration

Being responsible for the MRT JD projects, the Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) adheres to the stipulation of “The Rights and Interests Allocation Regulations of Public-owned Land Participating in Taipei MRT Land Development” and carefully implements the rights and interests allocations in order to uphold the government’s rights. In addition, an open and transparent strategy is DORTS' approach when conducting negotiations with investors. When no agreement is reached, both parties may consent to proceed with arbitration in accordance with the contract. Thus, it is a false allegation that an amendment to the contract or a renegotiation was made on the JD projects, and they upheld the negotiations on the rights and interests.

In response to the media report stating that the investor of Taipei Bridge JD project (M2) should supplement Taipei City Government over NT$31.95 million in term of the share ratio, DORTS explained that as the JD site’s negotiation on rights and interests allocation has not been approved by the Review Committee of Taipei City Government, it is unlikely that the agreement is finalized by both parties.

Regarding the Neihu Station's JD project (T11), the investor only promised the lower limit of the share ratio to the landowner, and the final agreement will be subject to the rights and interests allocation negotiation approved by Taipei City Government. Since the on-going negotiation has not yet been settled, no reappraisal or renegotiation will take place. Furthermore the JD building's usage permit was issued on June 16, 2016, revoking the media’s allegation that Taipei City Government suspended the permission as a bargaining chip in the negotiation.

As for the alleged "looking for trouble in housing inspection," DORTS emphasized that the housing inspection and handover by DORTS and investors should conform to related stipulated procedures in order to safeguard the government's property rights; accordingly, it can also prevent from any sale disputes with buyers' flaw complaints, and uphold the rights and interests of the government and buyers.

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