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The Media's Report on the Correction by the Control Yuan of DORTS’ Maladministration in Operation of the MRT Commercial Real Estate

On August 9, 2016, the Control Yuan issued an investigatory report with corrective measures to DORTS due to its negligence, low efficiency and bad governance in management of the MRT's commercial real estate, and DORTS, the responsible agency, explained that it would review it with a respective mind and study the measures for improvement in compliance with the investigatory opinions voiced by the Control Yuan.

As a matter of fact, beginning in 2013 in order to enhance the operation efficiency in the operation of the MRT's commercial real estate, DORTS has worked out a number of adaptive strategies to perform, which are as follows:

1. Adjusting internal structure, responsibility, and work distribution: DORTS’s Joint Development Division was replaced by the Financial and Asset Management Office to undertake the leasing services in order to alleviate work loads.

2. Increasing publicity: Apart from the public notice on the Public Construction Commission's website, Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism was requested to use advocacy resources such as news tickers at MRT stations, the print media of the four newspapers, as well as relevant guilds and renting websites to publicize the rent notice widely.

3. Offering preferential treatment including lower rent and rent-free during the period of decoration in accordance with the market quotation. Its rental rate rose from 68.67 % in 2013 to the current 88.71%.

In addition DORTS reiterated that the leasing services for the MRT land development commercial real estate should be carried out in accordance with "The Autonomous Administration Ordinance for Leasing the Taipei MRT's Publicly Owned Property Acquired from MRT Land Development." Based on the stipulation of the government procurement law, the leasing practice by the government agencies should adopt a public tender method that is different from the one used by the private enterprises to apply, which allows them to use flexible adjustments on the rental policies in line with economic fluctuations.

Furthermore, the re-renting of the vacant houses will proceed with the appraisal of the total value and annual rent rate, and the resolution will be submitted to the Review Committee. The annual rent rate and total rent will be submitted to Taipei City Government for approval; thus a period of time is required accordingly. DORTS will respect the investigatory report made by the Control Yuan and also continue to review and draw up improvement measures to enhance the occupancy rate of the houses with an aim of reducing losses arising from the vacancy rate.

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