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News & Activities

Delivery Ceremony for Taipei MRT Circular Line Phase I Car Prototype Held on the 30th

Taipei MRT Circular line Phase I electromechanical manufacturer HITACHI Rail Italy S.p.A. (HRI) today (August 30) held the delivery ceremony for the MRT car prototypes in Reggio Calabria, Italy. This is an important symbolic milestone for the Taipei MRT Circular line construction, and elite railway figures and the media were invited to join in the celebration. Participating guests included City Mayor Mr. Giuseppe Falcomata, HRI Director Mr. Maurizio Manfellotto and ASTS Director Mr. Andrew Bar. DORTS was also invited to attend, and Commissioner Chang Tzer-hsiung led colleagues and New Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems to witness this historic moment together.

In a speech Mayor Mr. Guiseppe Falcomata extended a warm welcome to the DORTS director and team for their visit, and on behalf of Reggio Calabria, Italy thanked everyone for attending the event. The mayor expressed deep confidence in HITACHI Rail Italy's products and stated that HRI's tremendous contributions to the city of Reggio Calabria are an important part of the city's production capacity and have driven development of the economy and heavy industry. In the future when the cars provide public transport services to Taipei citizens, it will be a symbolic link between Taipei Metropolitan Area and Reggio Calabria.

DORTS explained that HRI is continuing in the fine tradition of being a well-known railway industry company and is delivering cars for the Taipei MRT Circular line. The cars are driverless steel-wheel rail cars for medium-capacity transport. Each car consists of four carriages with walkways between each of the carriages. The cars have a streamlined appearance with minimalist and spacious interiors and brightly-colored European designs. The refreshing designs comply with the public's image of Italy's fine traditional crafts. The follow-up prototype unit is scheduled to arrive at the South Depot of the Taipei MRT Circular line before the end of November, and preparations will then begin for function testing and verification of the cars.

During his ceremonial speech Commissioner Chang Tzer-hsiung gave special thanks to the Taipei MRT Circular line car task team for joining together to work on this project and especially upheld the team's conviction to complete all of the testing and verification to the very last mile. He also extended special thanks and blessings to the City Mayor. In a media interview following the ceremony Commissioner Chang Tzer-hsiung presented DORTS' outstanding performance and achievements. Next year Taipei will host the 29th Summer Universiade, and many Italian guests will travel to Taiwan to participate in the festivities and bear witness to the outstanding performance of the Taipei MRT.

DORTS stated that HRI's MRT cars will run smoothly on the Circular line tracks according to schedule and quality standards and provide the Taipei Metropolitan Area public with a safe, comfortable, and convenient transportation service that will add to DORTS' success.

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