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DORTS Explains Whether the Fire-Resistant Coatings for Taipei Performing Arts Center and 2017 Summer Universiade Basketball Court Were Fraudulent

Regarding news reports that investigators suspect that fire-resistant coatings produced by a company may have been forged and are carrying out a search and that the product was used on government-related construction projects, DORTS explained that they had previously received a notification of data request from the Investigation Bureau in Taipei for investigation of the case. DORTS complied with the Investigation Bureau and supplied the data, and in the future, if the investigation unit requests additional data, DORTS will fully cooperate.

DORTS said that the fire-resistant materials mentioned in the news report were used on the construction of both the Taipei Performing Arts Center and the Heping Elementary School basketball court for the 2017 Summer Universiade. However, the supervising architect of two aforementioned construction projects used the products after receiving a notice that the manufacturers had provided proof of the original production and the Ministry of the Interior had issued a notice of approval for the new construction technologies, new construction methods, new equipment and new materials. In addition, materials for the Taipei Performing Arts Center construction were sent to a certified laboratory for testing, and they met the requirements. In the future, DORTS will take a step further in understanding how product differences may create problems and fully cooperate with investigation unit's requests to provide data.

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