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News & Activities

Construction Began on Xinyi Eastern Extension – Mayor Ke Wen-je Personally Presided over the Blessing Ceremony

Taipei City Mayor Ke Wen-je on November 7, presided over the Xinyi Eastern Extension blessing ceremony for the commencement of construction. In his speech Mayor Ke stated that although this section is only 1.42 km, the construction has a high degree of engineering difficulty and complexity. Nevertheless, he has extreme confidence in DORTS' engineering abilities and knows that the MRT team will definitely put forth all of their effort to do the best construction possible.

Mayor Ke said that the period of construction for this project will be six years, and in addition to construction, the construction companies will also be responsible for traffic guidance, maintaining good interactions with residents along the line, and having good relations with the neighbors. Mayor Ke sincerely hopes that residents along the line will be able to accommodate inconveniences during construction and give the construction team their full support in order to enable the construction project to proceed smoothly and provide better public transportation services to residents of the Taipei Metropolitan Area in the future.

The South District Project Office, Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS), is responsible for supervision of the Xinyi Eastern Extension construction. The construction companies are BES Engineering Corporation and DAIHO Corporation Taiwan Branch. On the morning of November 7, the blessing ceremony for the commencement of construction was held to pray for the smooth construction of this section. Guests from all social sectors came to the venue to join in the festivities.

During the ceremony, the appearance of the Formosan Black Bear mascot of the 2017 Universiade was another eye-catching highlight along with the participating VIPs. The event had not only a joyous atmosphere but was also a warm-up for the 2017 Universiade, which will be held in Taipei City next year while also displaying warm feelings about hosting the Universiade.

DORTS stated that the Xinyi Eastern Extension will extend eastward to Yucheng Park with a length of 1.42 km and will have one station with four shield tunnel sections. Although it is very short, it will be a major transportation link from the eastern district to the west and will facilitate the re-expansion of the MRT living area. It will also be the last section of a heavy-capacity MRT system in the Taipei Metropolitan Area.

DORTS explained that the main construction section for this construction is Fude Street, which has a road width of only twenty-five meters. In comparison with construction projects in the past on major forty-meter-wide roads, the erection of construction fences and traffic maintenance planning will be very painstaking for the construction companies. In addition, beneath Fude Street there is an underground drainage culvert with a diameter of two meters, which will also present a demanding engineering task. Together with the high geological complexity of the area, the construction will be a major technological challenge. Furthermore, there are older houses and apartments on both sides of the road, which will require carrying out good work on building protection measures in order to avoid affecting the housing structures.

DORTS emphasized that in cooperation with the re-development plan of the Guanci Care Home at Fude Street, after the completion of construction on the Xinyi Eastern Extension, the scope of MRT services will be broadened, and it will be a convenient link in the Taipei Metropolitan Area between Xinyi District and Nangang District. It will also improve traffic congestion in the area, increase regional accessibility, and drive social and economic development along the line.

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  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
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