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News & Activities

Circular Line Train Cars Make Debut in Taiwan

On December 12 the train cars for the Circular line made their formal debut. Deputy Mayor of Taipei City Government Charles Lin on behalf of Mayor Ke Wen-je and New Taipei City Eric Chu were in co-attendance to witness the occasion. The train cars arrived at the New Taipei City Xindian District Circular line depot in two stages in the early mornings of November 26 and 27. Following their arrival a series of inspections and tests were carried on the train cars' functionality in accordance with contract provisions.

DORTS explained that a total of 17 train cars were purchased for the Circular line Phase I, and the two train cars were assembled in Italy. The second train car will arrive in Taiwan in mid-December, and the remaining 15 cars are being assembled domestically by Taiwan Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. in accordance with industrial cooperation planning. The train car showcased at the December 12 exhibition is medium-capacity driver-less train car which feature HITACHI Rail Italy's (HRI) traditional railway decorations. The train car consists of four train carriages and its structures are made of lightweight aluminum alloy. With a total length of approximately 68m and a carrying capacity of 650 passengers, the cars can reach an operating speed of 80k m/h. The front car features a streamlined shape that is tilted 20 degrees, and the light-colored spacious interiors of the cars complement the large side windows. The design also utilizes four types of asymptotic yellow coloring for the car side and door windows, front windshields, and seats and matching the yellow-colored handrails and rings which give passengers a refreshing and refined feeling. As the same as the high-capacity system train cars, each car consists of four carriages with walkways between each of the carriages. In addition, spacious interiors with an area for the luggage provide convenience to the passengers who take the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport MRT line.

DORTS stated that the Circular line Phase I construction spans a total length of 15.4km (including 1.2km underground and 14.2km of elevated tracks) with a total of 14 stations (1 underground station and 13 elevated stations) and one level five capacity maintenance depot. On past MRT routes, works of public artwork were only installed in some stations. However, another DORTS breakthrough for this line was planning for decorative color schemes on overhead beams, pipes, soundproofing barriers, and train car interiors and exteriors on the entire line as public artwork. This will be expected to transform the unavoidable conflicts over the impact of elevated structures on urban scenery into a means of beautifying the environment. The colorful public artwork in addition to customized art in train cars on the Circular line will create an image of "like the clouds' swift passage, the dragon travels thousands of miles."

The Circular line Phase I will traverse the following four administrative districts: Xindian, Zhonghe, Banqiao, and Xinzhuang. After the line is opened to the public it will save the traveling time over 20 minutes from Xindian to Xinzhuang, and will also connect with the Songshan-Xindian line, the Zhonghe-Luzhou-Xinzhuang line, the Wanda line, the Bannan line, and the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport MRT line. In addition it will increase economic benefits and development in the areas along the line and is closely linked to the creation of a win-win situation for the golden twin cities – Taipei City and New Taipei City.

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  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
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