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News & Activities

First Taichung MRT Green Line EMU Prototype Arrives in Taichung Harbor

The first EMU prototype for the Taichung MRT Green line today (February 5) arrived in Taichung harbor from Japan. Deputy Commissioner Yu, Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) at the beginning of January led a team to Japan's Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) to carry out testing and inspection of the assembled prototypes. The prototype cars on February 1 began their voyage across the Sea of Japan and arrived smoothly in Taichung Harbor.

DORTS explained that KHI is an EMU car manufacturing company with a high level of expertise and has participated in the manufacturing of EMU cars for the Tamsui, Xinzhuang, Luzhou, Xinyi and Songshan lines. EMU cars for a total of 18 trains have been purchased for Taichung MRT. Each train car consists of two carriages, and gangways between carriages allow passengers to move from one carriage to another while the train is in motion. The carriages are approximately 22.17 meters in length with a width of about 2.98 meters and a height of about 3.78 meters, and the trains have a total length of approximately 44 meters with a carrying capacity of approximately 536 people (roughly 268 people per carriage). The trains are steel wheel vehicle types with stainless steel car bodies. The average operating speed of the trains will be approximately 35 km/h with top operational speeds of roughly 70 km/h, and they will be fully automated and driverless. The car exteriors have a "blooming buds" design concept, and the car interiors employ a "clear and simple light" design concept. The cars are characterized by streamlined fronts along with gracefully flowing lines and light impressions. This along with matching windows and green ornaments give the electric cars a more modern feeling and fully demonstrate Japan's meticulous industrial design. As a follow up, the cars will arrive at the Taichung MRT Green line Beitun Depot, and following preparations, the EMU cars will undergo a series of functionality tests and certifications.

Taichung MRT Green line is 16.7 km in length with a total of one ground-level depot and a total of eighteen stations, sixteen of which are elevated stations and two of which are ground-level stations. The line route follows Songzhu Road, Beitun Road, Wenxin Road, and Jianguo Road to Taiwan Railways Songzhu Station, Daqing Station, and Wuri Station, which forms a three-way interchange area for Taiwan Railways Association (TRA) and Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR). The route will traverse the following six mayor administrative districts: Wuri, South, Nantun, Xitun, North, and Beitun. Currently 70% of construction is completed along the MRT Green line.

DORTS stated that Taichung MRT Green line cars will be on the tracks according to schedule and quality planning, and enable Taichung's first mass rapid transit system to provide convenient MRT services to the metropolitan public.

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  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
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