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News & Activities

DORTS' 30 Year Anniversary

In order to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS), DORTS held a special celebratory event on February 23, and senior officials who have dedicated their efforts to the MRT and retired colleagues were invited to join in the festivities. At the event, a documentary was screened showing how the MRT developed from nothing to its current state through step by step images. In addition, for the sake of the MRT systems' continual operation and passing along of heritage, DORTS Commissioner Chang Tzer-hsiung signed a memorandum of cooperation with National Cheng Kung University, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Feng Chia University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and National Taipei University of Technology to jointly promote the opening of the “MRT Engineering Operation” curriculum. In addition, DORTS has printed the “Special Review of 30 Years of Engineering Technical Literature of Taipei MRT” to document and share construction records in anticipation of all social sectors continuing to give support and encouragement to MRT construction.

When DORTS was founded on February 23, 1987, they collected specialized talent from a variety of fields, such as domestic and international planning, design, construction, and operations and applied them towards MRT construction for a period of exactly 30 years up until the present. Reflecting on the past, Taipei MRT is more than just an achievement of a transportation system, and it has also put a new impetus into urban development, expanded urban residents' lifestyles, and greatly enhanced the people's quality of life. The MRT has gone from having nothing to attaining outstanding construction results. This has not only elevated Taipei's international competitiveness and reputation, but has also boosted Taipei's ranking among 170 global cities with subways as the 25th longest MRT network and the 20th largest traffic volume. From 2004 to 2008 and in 2015, DORTS was ranked number one for system reliability out of all the member systems in the Community of Metros (CoMET) and the Nova benchmarking group of metros (Nova).

DORTS Commissioner Chang Tzer-hsiung stated that DORTS has established for thirty years. When DORTS was first being established, the first Commissioner, Benjamin P. C. Chi, led DORTS colleagues through the establishment of laws and regulations, obtaining construction budgets, setting strategic goals, introducing professional skills and construction methods, and determining operating philosophies. Working together with DORTS colleagues, after eliminating difficulties, the successors and the MRT Team realized the MRT dream of “One Year, One Line” and “Five Years, Six Lines” line by line. Construction was completed on the first MRT Muzha line on March 28, 1996, creating a new era of transportation in Taipei. To date, 136.6 km of the MRT network has been established, with more than two million passenger trips each day. DORTS is thankful for the people's participation and support of the Taipei MRT and has the highest respect for them.

DORTS stated that Taipei MRT system is the country's first MRT system, and early on they relied on the technology and experience of foreign experts. However, through their success in core competencies, DORTS has become the successor of domestic MRT engineering. Through 30 years of experience and sophistication in route network planning, basic design, and detailed design review, contract strategy adjustment, integrated civil and electromechanical construction supervision, and land development, DORTS has accumulated abundant experience, and cultivated excellent engineering teams. Through this experience and communication, DORTS has provided transfer service feedback, cultivated MRT talent, and assisted the cities of Kaohsiung, Taichung, and Taoyuan in the construction of MRT systems.

DORTS emphasizes that Taipei MRT has been under construction for 30 years with never ending challenges and is currently actively engaged in the construction of Circular line Phase I, Wanda line Phase I, Xinyi eastern extension, and the Taichung MRT Wenxin-Wuri-Beitun line. Feasibility studies for planned routes, such as Circular line South Section and North Section, Wanda line Phase II, Minsheng-Xizhi line, and the eastern Taipei North-South rail system have been submitted to the central government for consideration. The joint development of C1/D1 utilized international standard procedures for attracting investment, and multiple other joint projects will also be launched. In the future, in addition to promoting MRT construction, through innovative thinking, DORTS will strengthen the integration of humanistic care facilities in MRT design. Some examples are public art, architectural design, preservation of relics, and full-access facilities. DORTS will also ensure the sustainable management of the MRT system and the passing-down of knowledge and skills, and DORTS will be professional and strive to optimize intelligent living in Taipei City.

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