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Following a serious fire that happened on the Daegu Subway in Korea, please describe advanced accident prevention measures applied to the Wenshan-Neihu line (Wenhu line). (E&M Systems)

Trains are designed with a number of safety features, including:

  • Flooring material designed to meet structural fire resistivity requirements
  • Electrical wiring (cable) insulation that meets flammability and smoke emission capabilities
  • Equipment arrangements to isolate potential ignition sources
  • Outfitting each car with fire extinguishers
  • Smoke detection equipment with alarms connected to central control
  • Thermal protection function for the train motors

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  • Updated: 2016/12/13 10:53
  • Reviewed: 2016/12/13 10:53

  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
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