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Clarification in Response to Next Magazine's Report on Taipei Twin Towers Project

In response to Next Magazine's report on the Taipei Twin Towers JD project at Parcel C1/D1 in Taipei Main Station District, DORTS would like to clarify that the first priority developer, the construction consortium led by Taipei Gateway International Development Co., Ltd. submitted its application in the name of a private landowner who is working with IGB Corporation Berhad and Mid Valley City Sdn. Bhd. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) submitted to the Taipei City government by the three corporations mentioned above not only specified joint liability, but also said that Taipei Gateway International Development Co., Ltd. was authorized to be the consortium's agent to negotiate the development application with the Taipei City government. Therefore, for all operations related to the application prior to contract signing, Taipei Gateway International Development Co., Ltd. was the main contact window. In addition, the consortium investment contract submitted to DORTS also specified that the landowner and three corporations would take joint liability, not just the private landowner.

DORTS said that it conducted an investigation into an allegation made by Next Magazine that DORTS received a letter from the Taiwan branch company of IGB Corporation Berhad on February 19, 2013, alleging that the consortium members of Taiwan Gateway International had been ignored. An investigation by DORTS concluded that no such thing occurred.

Up to the present time, Taipei City Government has handled this development case with extreme care. In addition to constant involvement of government ethics staff throughout the tender process, after many suspicions were raised in late October last year when Taiwan Gateway International was awarded top priority, the mayor directed government ethics units to send all relevant information to local prosecutors and the Control Yuan.

So, prosecutors and the Control Yuan had all the information provided to them by the Taipei City government at the "end of last year." In fact, whenever anything illegal or a major controversy occurs, as a matter of principle, the mayor has always ordered the matter sent for investigation and that full cooperation be maintained. The Taipei City government will protect its rights against any corporations with ill intent.

DORTS also wants to solemnly clarify that it has conducted this development case with an attitude of extreme prudence, and in accordance with relevant laws and tender regulations. Every administrative step was taken in accordance with the law. Sound and video recordings of the selection meeting have been kept as evidence. The selection process was overseen by government ethics units from start to finish. If any evidence of illegality comes to light, DORTS will cooperate fully with investigation units in order to clear up any doubts.

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