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Response to Media Report on Circular Line Transfers

The Taipei MRT Circular line will run on a viaduct through Banqiao District, New Taipei City. In the section starting from Banqiao heading toward Xinzhuang, the route runs along Wenhua Road in Banqiao and turns north onto Minsheng Road. The intersection of Minsheng Road and Wenhua Road is a turning section with the additional complication that the track must ascend to run above the Bali Xindian Expressway. Due to these route alignment limitations, an MRT station can only be established on a straight segment and not at the intersection. Therefore, the Circular line's Xinpu Minsheng Station is to be located on Minsheng Road on the north side of the intersection.

Although passengers will not be able to transfer directly from the Banqiao line's Xinpu Station to the Circular line's Xinpu Minsheng Station and will have to exit one of the stations to enter the other. However, through ticketing system integration if passengers exit one of the two stations and re-enter the other station within a given time they won’t pay any extra fare for the basic mileage. Meanwhile, in the future, DORTS and New Taipei City Transportation Department will make a joint effort to integrate and improve pedestrian movement around the two stations.

In regard to transfers at Touqianzhuang Station that will connect the Circular and Xinzhuang lines, in coordination with construction of the Circular line's Touqianzhuang Station, the land for the Xinzhuang line's Touqianzhuang Station main body and Exit 1 space has been already reserved for future transfer use. When the Circular line comes into operation, transfer between the Circular and Xinzhuang lines can be made inside the station's paid area and there will be no need to exit and re-enter.

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  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
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