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Taipei Mayor Inspects Common Duct Construction along Xinyi Road

Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin accompanied by Deputy Mayor Chang Chin-oh, Deputy Secretary-General Hsueh Chuen-ming, Public Works Department Commissioner Chang Pei-yi, and Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) Commissioner Tsay Huel-sheng inspected the construction of common ducts along Xinyi Road. Installation of electrical & mechanical (E&M) and monitoring facilities is currently underway. During the inspection, in addition to listening to a briefing given by Tsay, Hau also personally reviewed construction of common ducts including tunnels and column brackets for the hanging of telecommunications cables and power lines. He conveyed his appreciation and encouragement to the on-site construction crew for their endeavors in the hope that the construction will be completed on schedule, so as to enhance the road surface along Xinyi Road.

DORTS said that in cooperation with MRT construction, the common duct construction along Xinyi Road began to be put out for tender and conducted simultaneously with construction of the Xinzhuang and Xinyi lines in 2003. The civil engineering work has now been completed and the installation of E&M and monitoring facilities is currently being implemented. Common ducts are the structures used to accommodate more than two public facility pipelines such as those used for power, telecommunications, and drinking water. In addition, drainage, ventilation, lighting, communications, and power systems, as well as safety monitoring systems are being installed inside these common ducts for easy maintenance and management in the future.

According to DORTS, construction of common ducts along Xinyi Road, totaling 6.69 km, starts from Aiguo East Road, and turns on to Xinyi Road after passing along Hangzhou Road, then extends east to end at the intersection of Xinyi Road and Songde Road. Three methods were adopted for the construction: 3.168 kilometers of shield tunnel construction method, 3.016 kilometers of cut-and-cover method, and 0.506 kilometers of pipe jacking method.

DORTS emphasizes that after the common duct construction is completed, future excavation of Xinyi Road will be reduced to the minimum, pipeline transmission quality enhanced, and road maintenance costs reduced. In addition, traffic flow, city landscape, and quality of life will all be improved.

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  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
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