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Consensus Reached Between the Deputy Mayors of Taipei and New Taipei City Governments on the Comprehensive Planning Report of the MRT Circular Line North Section & South Section Together with Adjacent Land Development

DORTS stated that the comprehensive planning report for the Circular line north section & south section,which links with the radiating MRT network in Taipei metropolitan area, was agreed upon jointly in a viewing meeting on July 6, 2017 by deputy mayors of Taipei and New Taipei City governments. Meanwhile, a consensus was reached that Taipei and New Taipei City governments will strive to secure the central government's approval for the Circular line north section & south section construction project at one time and to have the both sections implemented concurrently. Afterwards in accordance with established procedures, Taipei City Government will submit the planning report to the central government for review, with the goal of striving for early approval and expediting the Taipei MRT construction.

The Circular line Phase II north section & south section is slated to stretch 20.66 km, with 18 underground stations and one depot. The line will go through Wenshan, Shilin and Zhongshan districts in Taipei City, and Xinzhuang, Wugu, Sanchong, Luzhou and Xindian districts in New Taipei City. The total construction costs will amount to NT$137,810,000,000.

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