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2012 Major Administrative Plans of Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems

  1. Mission
    - Perform safe rapid transit construction
    - Pursue a human-oriented rapid transit system
    - Build a rapid transit system using high quality engineering
    - Create a sustainable rapid transit environment
    - Forge a new world-class metropolis
  2. Vision
    Construct a high quality and efficient rapid transit system allowing easy travel in Taipei.
  3. Major Administrative Plans
    (1) Continue implementing construction of the Xinzhuang line:
    The work scope of the section from Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station to Guting Station via Dongmen Station of the Xinzhuang line includes: civil works; the heat, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC) systems; integrated testing of the systemwide electrical and mechanical (E&M) systems; preliminary and final inspections; hand-over; budget settlement; and final acceptance.

    (2) Expedite construction of the Xinyi and Songshan lines:
    Continue implementing civil works, trackwork, the heat, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC) systems (including fire protection and control inspection), and common ducts. Implement manufacture of systemwide E&M system facilities, manufacture and assembly of electric multiple units (EMUs), facility installation and testing of the Xinyi line’s E&M systems.

    (3) Expedite construction of the Circular line Phase I and the Tucheng extension to Dingpu:
    The work scope includes civil works, detailed design of the systemwide E&M systems.

    (4) Expedite construction of the Taichung Metropolitan MRT Wuri-Wenxin-Beitun line:
    Implement tendering and construction of the civil works and detailed design of the systemwide E&M systems.

    (5)Expedite construction of the section from Sanchong to Taipei of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System:
    The work scope includes civil works of the section from Sanchong to Taipei.

    (6) Continue implementing detailed review of playground facilities of the Taipei Children's Amusement Park. Implement additional commissioned tasks such as the "Smooth Roads Project" on Mingshui Road, Beian Road, Minquan East Road Section 2, 3, Chengde Road Section 3, and Donghua Street, and the construction of "Taipei Performing Arts Center."

    (7) Conduct detailed design of civil works, urban rezoning, and land acquisition for the Xinyi eastern extension and the Wanda line Phase I, tendering and detailed design of the Wanda line Phase I's E&M systems, as well as supplementary procurement of E&M systems for the Xinyi eastern extension.

    (8) Continue conducting route planning of the North-South line, Minsheng-Xizhi line, Ankeng line, Sanying line, the Shezi, Shilin, Beitou light rail lines, the north and south sections of the Circular line, and the Taoyuan MRT Green line. The work scope includes preparing feasibility study reports or comprehensive planning reports and submitting them to the central government for review and approval.

    (9) Continue implementing land development projects, additional commissioned tasks related to urban renewal projects of city-owned land by Taipei City government, land development project of the Taipei Main Station District Parcel C1and the eastern part of Parcel D1, and investor selection of the land development project on the Circular line. Provide technical assistance to land development adjoining the depots and stations of the Taichung Metropolitan MRT Wuri-Wenxin-Beitun line. Complete land purchase through negotiation and land acquisition for the joint development project (T1) west of the Xinzhuang line's Daqiaotou Station, superficies acquisition and compensation process for the land used for stations and the land crossed over by the sections between stations, and compensation process of acquiring the land used for pier construction.

    (10)Update the optic fiber transmission network among project offices and sites offices; set up Building Information Modeling (BIM) based on a Geographical Information System (GIS) platform; promote application of electronic official document on-line workflow management for technical documents; enhance construction quality and construction management efficiency; create a new plan for integrated information entrance platform; continue promoting operation of knowledge management and learning organization so as to contribute to providing MRT technical consultation services, technical training, and publishing MRT Technology Book Series.