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Construction of Taipei Banqiao Transfer Station to Be Completed in August

In order to provide the public with a better waiting environment when taking both the MRT Circular line at Banqiao Station and Banqiao Bus Station, the “New Taipei City Transfer Station” is being co-constructed for New Taipei City Banqiao Bus Station and MRT Circular line Banqiao Station. The original bus station was demolished beginning on May 13, 2020 and the demolition was smoothly completed as of today (July 15, 2020). The construction of the completely new “New Taipei City Transfer Station” is expected to conclude in August with all equipment fully replaced. At that point, passengers will be provided with more comfort along with more spacious waiting areas to improve the quality of transportation services.
Taipei City DORTS First District Project Office, which is responsible for “New Taipei City Transfer Station” construction, stated that Banqiao Bus Station, which was originally located at the intersection of Xianmin Boulevard and Xinzhan Road in Banqiao District, is a temporary station prior to the completion of the construction of New Taipei Banqiao Bus Station co-constructed with Circular line Banqiao Station, and has been in use for 7 years. In cooperation with the construction requirements of “New Taipei City Transfer Station” being co-constructed with Banqiao Station, beginning on May 12 it was relocated to a temporary site on the north side of Circular line Banqiao Station (at the intersection of Xinzhan Road and Zhanqian Road). Demolition of the original Banqiao Bus Station was carried on beginning on May 13, and as of today it has been smoothly completed. Following the completion of “New Taipei City Transfer Station” construction, a new operator will be commissioned by New Taipei City Transportation Department to take over station operations.
Taipei City DORTS First District Project Office explained that MRT Circular line Banqiao Station is co-constructed with the transfer station on one side that gathers 22 medium and long-distance passenger bus routes, and they are integrated into the same building with the first floor serving as the transfer station platform and the second floor providing rest and shopping for travelers.  The MRT station is located on the third floor, and all of the floors are connected by elevators and escalators.