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Two Sets of Construction Companies Submitting Bids for Taipei Main Station District Parcel C1/D1 Land Development Project

The tendering of Parcel C1/D1 (the eastern part) land development of Taipei Main Station District closed today at 11:00 am with a total of two construction groups submitting bids. In accordance with the selection process for this project, it is estimated that specification review and price comparisons will be completed by the end of this year, and DORTS anticipates that contract-signing will be completed by the end of March 2019 with the most qualified bidder with the best credit, financial and practical experience to jointly bring new vitality to Taipei's Western Gateway.
Located at a national gateway, the C1/D1 Land Development Project is open for international bidding, and on March 31, 2018 a global announcement was made as an invitation to bidders. Two large-scale investment briefings were held during the bidder recruitment process to attract large-scale overseas investors and enthusiastic participants, such as large-scale developers, companies in the life insurance industry, and business people from Japan, Europe, the United States and Hong Kong. Taipei City DORTS gathered advice from landlords and people in various other sectors during the planning process, and after a careful study of the evaluation procedures, the selection mechanisms and detail specifications were set for the project.
Taipei City DORTS explained that for the Parcel C1/D1 Land Development Project, there were three stages of bidding for qualification, specification and price. The first stage of bidding for qualification is expected to be completed in early December and applicants will be contacted. The specification review and price comparison are also expected to be completed prior to early December for the selection of the most optimal candidate and alternate candidate, and DORTS anticipates that the contracts will be signed with the top applicants at the end of March, 2019. For the sake of open and transparent implementation of bidding, DORTS jointly established a clean government supervision platform together with the Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice and the Taipei District Prosecutors Office. In addition, relevant information will be published on DORTS’ official website in order to ensure that the C1/D1 Land Development Project will be conducted fairly, justly and openly.

Because the C1/D1 Land Development Project will have a convenient transportation system and an excellent geographical environment, it is one of the most internationally valuable investment targets. Furthermore, its development will have a huge impact on the urban renewal of Taipei Metropolitan Area as a whole, domestic and foreign investment participation, transportation planning, and business and cultural development. Following the successful completion of bidding, the C1/D1 Land Development Project is anticipated to be a driver of enormous domestic investment activities, and it will enable the world see Taipei and become an object of Taiwan’s pride.