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All of the 17 Electric Trains for the Circular Line Have Been Delivered and Set to Enter the Next Milestone of System Integration Testing

The construction of the MRT Circular line was conducted by Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS), and currently the construction progress is 90% completed. The 17 newly style electric trains, which will provide convenient transportation for passengers, have all been delivered to the South Depot for the conducting of various testing operations. Hence it was formally announced that the train car fleet for the Circular line is completed. To date, the EMS system for providing electricity to the entire Circular line is finished, and the control center has also been completed. In addition, initial automated driving testing for the train cars has also commenced, and In the future, a variety of testing and system integration for the entire line will continue to be carried out, and Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation employees will receive educational training so that trial runs can commence. The Circular line can now smoothly enter the phase of trial operations in order to reach the goal of opening the line as soon as possible.
A total of 17 electric trains were purchased for Circular line Phase I. Among them, the prototype and second car were originally manufactured at a factory in Italy, and the other 15 trains were manufactured by means of an industry cooperation with the domestic electric car manufacturer, Taiwan Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., carrying out the assembly. After the prototype car was shipped across the ocean to Taiwan from the original Italian factory in Europe on November 24, 2016, initial mass production and assembly commenced in Taiwan. The manufacturing of the final train was completed in July and after passing factory inspection, 15 trains with a total of 60 cars were assembled in accordance with the scheduled time table. Cars for all 17 of the trains have been fully delivered, which symbolizes that the MRT Circular line is formally moving towards another important milestone.
Taipei City DORTS stated that after the electric cars entered the main Circular line from the South Depot in Xindian on December 5 of last year (2017), they underwent a series of intensive tests including accelerating to a maximum operating speed of 80 km/h with a maximum passenger load and acceleration and deceleration performance testing on the line’s maximum slope of 5.1%. The test results were all qualifying, verifying that the performance of the electric cars is good. The dynamic system testing has also progressed to driverless high speed automatic mode testing and smoothly obtained passing results. Currently the main EMS equipment in each station is mostly completed, and the third rail power supply for the entire line was completed on July 14, 2018 to provide train operating testing. The operation control center in specific areas can carry out automatic driving mode operation for individual trains and will carry out testing of route segments in accordance with the testing program. In September full-line testing commenced.