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Taipei Main Station District Parcels C1/D1 Land Development Project Re-Starts First Recruitment of Investors – Businesses Enthusiastically Participated and Have High Degree of Interest in Development

Taipei City DORTS on the afternoon of December 18 held an explanatory meeting and anti-corruption symposium for land development businesses recruitment for the District Parcels C1/D1 land development at Taipei Main Station. The businesses in attendance, which included life insurance companies, large-scale developers, and shopping mall and hotel operators were considerably enthusiastic and fully active in interactions during the events. Furthermore, people from all walks of life provided a wide variety of suggestions regarding selection criteria planning for this project. The event proceeded successfully with private landowners expressing their support for the project, and tasks involved in the recruitment of businesses are expected to be carried out smoothly. For the businesses recruitment tasks, the selection of companies is planned to be publicly announced at the end of March 2018 with the selection of the best applicant also being carried out at the end of March 2019.
Taipei City Government Deputy Mayor Chin-rong, Lin stated in a speech that this land development case has unlimited potential. With a base surface area of 9,600 pings, architectural planning is open for investors to continually design the site in accordance with the operational requirements. Multiple business types can be introduced to the site, such as international tourist hotels, department store retail outlets, and business offices, and a promising future is anticipated for western Taipei through the comprehensive integration of industries, history, transportation networks, and well-planned open spaces. An anti-corruption government mechanism was introduced for this case, and a high-quality investment environment has been created through the cooperation and assistance of government administration and judicial units. In addition, it is believed that the professional consulting agency for this case, Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc., will adhere to ethical principles, fair planning, transparency, and reasonable bidding conditions and attract domestic and international large-scale business developers as investment participants while also assisting the government in the selection of investors with good business reputations in order to collectively create this new international landmark in Taipei.
DORTS explained that as a highlight of the western corridor program, the C1/D1 land development project will proceed with the recruitment of investors in accordance with international standards, and it is hoped that through the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness that a three-way cooperation can be successfully forged between the government, citizens, and private landlords for the successful recruitment of investors to light up the western corridor of the capital city.