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MRT Beitou Station Adds Entrance/Exit 2 Making it More Convenient for Passengers to Enter and Exit the Station

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je in the afternoon on October 28 attended the opening ceremony for the Entrance/Exit 2 improvement project at Beitou Station, which was opened to the public at 2:00 pm on the same day. In his speech Mayor Ko stated that the development of construction on Taipei MRT is closely related to the population density in different districts and business development, and in recent years the number of visitors to Beitou Station has steadily increased. The newly-constructed Entrance/Exit 2 on the south side of the station can effectively meet the goal of moving crowds of people out of the station. In addition to implementing a full-access environment, the station also provides more attentive transportation services for Taipei’s elderly society and creates more functions for businesses in the surrounding area. Mayor Ko during his speech thanked the councilors and borough chiefs for their kind words of advice and for enabling the MRT construction to be more intimate and convenient. In recent years, population and business activities have been continually developing in Beitou District, and up to 38,000 passengers use the station daily going to and from work.
 The city considered that residential areas and commercial activities in the vicinity of the station have not been limited, so they decided to add a south exit near the original entrance/exit of the station in order to improve the services and convenience of the MRT station for the public. The construction to add the entrance/exit proceeded while the station was in operation, and it was not easy to complete the construction during the scheduled time. In addition to having limited space for construction, it was necessary to cooperate with MRT system operations and take into account escape routes for safety. A portion of the construction could only be carried out after midnight and before 4:00 am. Through tremendous efforts and cooperation and despite repeated difficulties, the construction was completed on schedule. During his speech, Mayor Ko gave special thanks to city residents for enduring the inconveniences caused by the construction and expressed his belief that following the addition of the south entrance/exit, when people take the MRT, they will clearly feel the comfortable and convenient environment after the diversion.
DORTS First District Project Office (1st DPO) was responsible for construction, and it stated that the newly built structure on the south side of Beitou Station was due to the limited space and not being able to set up escalators. It was necessary to add three full-access elevators which could reach three separate platform decks. In coordination with the overall environmental planning, the project also included facilities, such as full-access facility ramps, elevators, toilets, and a passenger agent office as well as green beautification to enable disabled and elderly passengers to enjoy a more comfortable riding environment. In addition to being able to shorten the walking distance of passengers entering and leaving the station, the construction of Entrance/Exit 2 also provides a more perfect and convenient riding environment.