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Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line Phase I, Section Contract CQ870 has been Awarded and on March 16, 2018 a Groundbreaking Praying Ceremony was Held to Represent Commencement of the Construction on the Entire Wanda Line Phase I

Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin line Phase I, owing to enormous expenditures, was divided into contracts for multiple phases of construction. Currently, construction of the Taipei City sections and New Taipei City sections is underway, and Jincheng Depot section contract CQ870, the most crucial construction of the Wanda line, has also been awarded last year. At 10:30am Friday, March 16, 2018, at the Juxi Activity Center in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, a praying ceremony was held and co-hosted by Taipei City Deputy Mayor Charles Lin and New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu. The groundbreaking ceremony represented the commencement of construction on the entire Wanda line Phase I. 
The construction costs for section contract CQ870 will amount to NT$10.58 billion and include the 11.82 hectares Jincheng Depot, Juguang Station, and a 1.1km cut and cover tunnel, and Phase I of construction will also include the construction of elevator/escalators for nine stations. The land for the depot is located in Tucheng District to the east of Yanshou Road and on the north side of an agricultural zone on Section 3, Jincheng Road. Juguang Station will be located in the northwest part of this land area near Juguang Road in Zhonghe District. All of the construction is expected to be completed by March 7, 2025. 
Jincheng Depot of section contract CQ870 is the only depot for the entire Wanda line and will have a key influence on operation following the completion of the entire Phase I construction project. The depot is designed with a portion of the structure underground and a portion of the structure above ground. The depot will be used for car stabling, maintenance, testing and management of the entire line and will be a level-five depot. The upper part of the depot structure has a structural design which is expected to be maintained for future land development building structure, and it will be provided for future land development of a high-rise building for commercial or residential use. Juguang Station is a two-level underground MRT station which will be equipped with two entrance/exits and two ventilation shafts, and following completion of construction, there will be a new 20m road on the land above the station connecting Section 3, Jincheng Road with Juguang Road. 
Wanda line Phase I construction will stretch for a total length of 9.5km and will include one depot and nine underground stations. The route for Wanda line begins at Xindian line’s CKS Memorial Hall Station crossing the Xindian river and traveling beneath Baoxun Road and Baosheng Road in Yonghe District of New Taipei City and turning onto Zhongshan Road, then following Liancheng Road to Section 3 Jincheng Road in Tucheng District and arriving at contract CQ870. The route will pass through both Taipei City and New Taipei City, and following the completion of construction when it is in operation, at CKS Memorial Hall Station it will link with the Tamsui-Xinyi line and the Songshan-Xindian line, and at Zhonghe Station it will link with the Circular line. This will effectively relieve the travel time and cost of public transportation and have a daily carrying capacity of 247,000 passenger trips. It will also have the capacity to drive the development and upgrading of both new and old urban areas as well as balance regional development as a “multi-core” development trend takes shape. At that time people will have a clear feeling that their lifestyle circles have expanded, become more convenient, and become closer to realizing the ideal of two living circles in the Taipei Metropolitan Area.