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DORTS Re-Clarifies Land Use Task for Jiala Station on the Wanda Line

Regarding media reports that landowners have established a self-help association for victims of the Jiala Station (LG04) on the Wanda Line and allegations against Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) and Taipei City Council Member Huang Hsiang-chun who deceptively forged consent, DORTS re-clarified that the handling of land-use tasks has all proceeded in accordance with the law. Furthermore, the council members also legally carried out all voter services without fraudulent incidences.
DORTS explained that after holding two public hearings on May 23, 2016 and July 27 in accordance with the Land Expropriation Act, a land development negotiation meeting was convened on December 8 along with a demolition and relocation of buildings compensation negotiation meeting. Legal representatives commissioned by landowner BRUCESTHER & PARTNERS LIMITED (BEP) believed that a letter was forged in July 2015. However, DORTS re-clarified that the document was submitted as a petition in accordance with Taipei City Council voter services (in a letter provided by the landowners), and after DORTS received the petition, the matters petitioned were researched and analyzed by the city government and submitted together to the Taipei City Department of Urban Development, who then submitted them to the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior. DORTS denied that an incident had occurred in a media report in which MRT officials allegedly revealed that after obtaining the consent of a single landowner, Huang Hsiang-chun personally went to the Ministry of the Interior to have the  Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior alter the land category for the case.  Furthermore, DORTS also once again emphasized that landowners are not required to provide consent during the urban rezoning procedures and that the petition submitted by the landowners to the Construction and Planning Agency as a reference for consideration was not in reference to a fraudulent situation.
DORTS also stated that they had received a letter with an official seal from the landowner and viewed it as the handling of the residents' petition. During planning, personal petitions and opinions are incorporated into citizen or group petitions, and opinion texts will be submitted to relevant units with copies of the documents also submitted to landowners. Taipei City DORTS makes every effort to cooperate with investigation tasks made by prosecuting agencies and conducts all land acquisition operations for this site in accordance with legal procedures.