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Do the MRT's elevated sections have a negative impact on the urban landscape? If yes, how can you solve the problem? (Civil Works)

Elevated sections are designed with a public art theme to help improve the urban landscape. For example, sound barriers on the Wenhu line are based on the theme: "The Story of Lake City." They are divided from west to east into the following sections: "Residential Country Town Feature," "Commercial Leisure Environment," and "Industrial Technology Landscape," and are colored in lemon green, lily blue, and silver gray. The main concept is to merge with the mountains and hills through the use of emerald green, to reflect the water of the lake in Dahu Park with shades of blue and to match the development of Taipei Neihu Technology Park with silver gray. Supplemented with specially designed night lighting, the viaducts enrich the colors of the urban landscape and charm of the nighttime.