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2015 Major Administrative Plans of Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems

  1. Mission
    - Construct a safe rapid transit system
    - Pursue user-oriented system features

  2. Vision

    Construct a high-quality and efficient rapid transit system that facilitates easy travel in Taipei.

  3. Major Administrative Plans

    (1) Tucheng Extension to Dingpu Construction: Continue construction inspections, systemwide stability tests, preliminary and final inspections, and preparations for operation.

    (2) Complete Sanchong to Taipei City Section, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Line Construction: Continue conducting civil works and utilities and HVAC systems tests.

    (3) Continue conducting civil works, trackwork, utilities and HVAC systems, E&M systems equipment manufacturing, deliver, and installation for the Circular line Phase I.

    (4) Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line Phase I and Xinyi Eastern Extension Construction: Continue conducting civil works tendering and construction as well as E&M systems tendering preparations and detailed design for the Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin line Phase I. Continue conducting detailed design, civil works tendering and construction, and additional E&M systems procurement for the Xinyi eastern extension.

    (5) Continue conducting civil works, trackwork, utilities and HVAC systems for Xinzhuang Depot on the Xinzhuang line.

    (6) Continue conducting feasibility studies, comprehensive plans, financial plans, and environmental impact assessment reports for the Minsheng-Xizhi line, north and south sections of the Circular line, Shezi-Shilin-Beitou light rail transit network, North-South line, Sanying line, and Ankeng line, as well as follow-up of central government reviews.

    (7) Continue implementing MRT land development projects, city-owned land renewal projects, the land development project on Taipei Main Station District Parcel C1 and the eastern section of Parcel D1, the land acquisition and compensation process for Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line Phase I.

    (8) Taichung MRT Wuri-Wenxin-Beitun Line Construction: Continue conducting civil works; E&M systems equipment/facilities procurement, manufacturing and installation tests.

    (9) Commissioned Projects: Continue conducting construction management of Taipei Taipei Performing Arts Center. Design and construction management for the 2017 Taipei Universiade Stadium including the Heping Elementary School Basketball Stadium, Taipei City Tennis Sports Center, and the underpass between the Taipei Dome Complex and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and the south entrance. Tendering and construction management of the Taipei Astronomical Museum exhibition hall renovation and special exhibition area expansion.

    (10) Enhance quality management (including internal control) and implementation of risk management. Strengthen inspections of construction quality and construction management efficiency. Promote management performance of material testing and verification as well as supplier quality assessment. Improve training and inspection of official documents. Expand the application of GIS service. Promote the cloud service of the mobile devices.