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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Groundbreaking Ceremony for Wanda Line Phase II Tucheng Section 2024-04-17
2Mayor Chiang Wan-an Presides Over the Groundbreaking Ceremony for MRT Circular Line North Section, Shezi Section2024-03-28
3MRT Wanda Line Construction Once Again Wins Recognition of Engineering Oscar Award2024-02-20
4Wanda Line Phase II Tucheng Section Construction Contract Signed on January 92024-01-19
5Open Solicitation for Xinyi Eastern Extension Guangci/Fengtian Temple Station Public Artwork Submissions2023-12-06
6C1/D1 Development High-Rise Building Column Erection Ceremony Held on November 14 – Construction to be Completed in 20272023-11-20
7A Preview of the MRT Circular Line North & South Section EMU Design Aesthetics2023-11-07
8Mayor Chiang Wan-an Hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony for Wugu-Luzhou Section of Circular Line North Section2023-10-19
9MRT Wanda Line Phase II Puts BIM Integration Technology to Good Use to Overcome Difficulties in the Construction2023-09-23
10Accompanying Executive Yuan Premier to Inspect Taipei City Section of Wanda Line, Mayor Chiang Strives to Obtain Funding for Circular Line North & South Section and Wanda Line2023-08-28
11Special Construction Environment and Conditions of MRT Circular Line South Section CF670 Section Contract Leads to Failure of Second Announced Tender2023-07-20
12Mayor Chiang Presides over Circular Line South Section CF670A Section Contract Groundbreaking Ceremony2023-06-17
13Accompanying Executive Yuan Premier to Inspect Circular Line East Section Progress, Mayor Chiang Points Out that Improving Traffic Management in Neihu Technology Park is a Top Priority for DORTS2023-05-03
14Mayor Chiang Inspects the Most Difficult MRT Construction in History Xinyi Eastern Extension Construction Expected to Be Completed in 20252023-04-13
15Executive Yuan Approves Circular Line East Section to Realize the Vision of the Capital City Circular Line Detailed Design to Commence Soon and Construction Expected to Begin Within Two Years2023-04-10
16Mayors Chiang and Hou of Taipei City and New Taipei City Jointly Co-host Groundbreaking Ceremony for MRT Circular Line North Section 2023-03-22
17Mayor Chiang Inspects Wanda Line For the First Time and Presides over Shield Tunnel Construction Breakthrough Ceremony2023-03-09
18Taipei City and New Taipei City Collaboration Circular Line Phase I Smoothly Transferred2023-02-02
19Mayor Ko Wen-je Presides over Taipei Twin Towers (C1/D1 Land Development Project) Construction Commencement Ceremony2022-11-17
20Wanda Line Phase II Section Contract CQ890 Construction Commences: Taipei City Mayor Ko and New Taipei City Hou Jointly Preside Over Groundbreaking Ceremony2022-10-20