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Department of Rapid Transit Systems

News & Activities

NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei City Government Creates Repayment of Self-redeeming Finance for MRT Construction- -The First Example of Domestic Track Construction2018-11-27
2MRT Beitou Station Adds Entrance/Exit 2 Making it More Convenient for Passengers to Enter and Exit the Station2018-11-01
3Two Sets of Construction Companies Submitting Bids for Taipei Main Station District Parcel C1/D1 Land Development Project2018-10-31
4Circular Line Phase I Target Times for Goals of Construction Completion and Line Opening Can Be Met with Taipei City Actively Promoting the Metropolitan Circular Network, Enabling Taipei Metropolitan Area to Become a More Progressive City2018-10-31
5All of the 17 Electric Trains for the Circular Line Have Been Delivered and Set to Enter the Next Milestone of System Integration Testing2018-10-31
6Urban Planning Revisions for the Circular Line North Section and South Section Approved by the Taipei City Urban Planning Commission and Will Subsequently Be Submitted to the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior 2018-06-26
7DORTS Opens up a New Prospect2018-06-07
8Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line Phase I, Section Contract CQ870 has been Awarded and on March 16, 2018 a Groundbreaking Praying Ceremony was Held to Represent Commencement of the Construction on the Entire Wanda Line Phase I2018-03-20
9Taipei Main Station District Parcels C1/D1 Land Development Project Re-Starts First Recruitment of Investors – Businesses Enthusiastically Participated and Have High Degree of Interest in Development2017-12-22
10DORTS Re-Clarifies Land Use Task for Jiala Station on the Wanda Line 2017-12-18