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Design Description:


A hexagonal form, consisting of two shapes interlocking like yin and yang, symbolizes the six directions contained in the philosophy of the I Ching: east, west, south, north, up and down. The two sides cooperate with each other to form a new whole. Two Chinese characters for 人, meaning person, are depicted as two people hurrying past each other, highlighting the Taipei MRT's role as a transportation system and a meeting point for thousands of people every day. The logo can also be viewed as two birds flying swiftly past each other, symbolizing the Taipei MRT's efforts to quickly bring passengers to their destination. The colors blue and white represent peace and clarity.

To maintain the symmetry and simplicity of the design, there are no letters or words. Wherever anyone sees this sign, he or she knows it represents the convenience, comfort, speed and quality of the Taipei MRT.