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Metropolitan Circular Line – Taipei MRT Becomes a Loop for Carefree Transportation Lifestyles
  • Source: Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
  • Date: 2020-01-22

Metropolitan Circular LineThe Urban Calling Card and Pride of Taipei
It has been nearly 24 years since Taipei MRT Muzha line first commenced operations on March 28, 1996. With a total of 131 stations, Taipei MRT serves an average of more than 2.2 million passenger trips in total, and Taipei MRT network has become the backbone of the transportation system. Taipei MRT’s dense green route network along with its friendly and efficient service has enabled Taipei MRT to become the urban calling card and pride of Taipei as well as the epitome of urban civilization.
Metropolitan Circular Line Planning Status
Taipei MRT route network connects important main roads via a grid network in city center areas of Taipei City with important corridors extending outwards in radial paths to the outer edges of the metropolitan area. The planning and conception of the Metropolitan Circular line is for the line to connect radiating MRT routes in the metropolitan area in a circular route (figure 1), achieving the objective of convenient transportation through rendezvous transfers. The Metropolitan Circular line system is comprised of Circular line Phase I, Circular line north section & south section, and Circular line east section, and the planning status of each section is described below:
Circular Line Phase I
With a total length of 15.4km, 13 elevated stations, and one underground station, Circular line Phase I has a total of 14 stations and is equipped with a depot in the Shisizhang area of Xindian District. The initial inspection for the construction of Circular line Phase I was conducted on October 25, 2019. Upon the completion of the final inspection conducted by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), the line was opened to the public on January 31, 2020.  
Circular Line North Section & South Section
The north section has a total length of 14.93km and 12 stations, and one depot will be constructed in an agricultural area on the northern edge of Luzhou District. The south section has a total length of 5.73km and six stations with a medium-capacity steel wheel rail system underground construction model being employed for the line. The comprehensive planning report for the Circular line north section & south section was approved by the Executive Yuan on May 31, 2019 and it has been incorporated into the Forward-looking Infrastructure Project.
Circular Line East Section
With a total length of 13.12km, 10 stations, and one depot, an underground construction model was employed for the line. The line links the Wenhu line, Songshan line, Bannan line, and Xinyi line and connects with north section Jiannan Rd. Station and south section Taipei Zoo Station. Circular line east section feasibility study report was approved by the MOTC in the 35th Review Committee Meeting on September 24, 2019, then it was submitted to the Executive Yuan for central review on December 5, 2019, and approved by the National Development Council on January 6, 2020.  
Linking Each Line to Create Value-Added Benefits
Through connections with Circular line east section and Circular line north section & south section, Metropolitan Circular line forms a circular route with a total length of approximately 49.18 kilometers, and in combination with the “taking one train to reach destinations” mode of operations, the line spans 14 administrative jurisdictions in Taipei City and New Taipei City and connects with each of the radiating MRT lines as well as Taoyuan International Airport MRT line and Taiwan Railways. Furthermore, it will effectively improve the accessibility and mobility of the MRT system, significantly reduce travel times, and assist in the development of the spatial structure of Taipei metropolitan area. Under the mayor’s leadership, DORTS will continue to actively promote the construction and auditing of all MRT operations in order to complete the mission of having “Taipei MRT forms a loop” and to realize the vision of “carefree transportation lifestyles.”