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Wanda Line Phase II Tucheng Section Construction Contract Signed on January 9

Following the commencement of construction on Wanda line Phase II section contract CQ890 on November, 2022, and following four failed bids for construction of Wanda line Phase II section contract CQ880A, the bid was successfully awarded on December 1, 2023, and the contract was formally signed on January 9 with construction set to commence as soon as March.

DORTS Second District Project Office (2nd DPO), which is in charge of this construction project, stated that section contract CQ880A was awarded to the co-bidders Far Eastern General Contractor Inc. and IWATA CHIZAKI INCORPORATION TAIWAN BRANCH (JAPAN) for NT$11.59 billion. The scope of the section contract runs from the cut-and-cover tunnel (not included) on the western side of Wanda line Phase I Station LG08 and terminates at the daylight section of Jincheng Road, Tucheng District. There are two underground stations (LG09 and LG10) along the line, three sections of shield tunnel, and one daylight section of cut-and-cover tunnel; furthermore, the route length is approximately 2.84 kilometers. 2nd DPO explained that the daylight section is adjacent to the Zhanlongshan Archeological Site, and in order to avoid the necessity of having to rescue the ruins of the site due to excavation during construction, and for the sake of its protection, DORTS commissioned a professional archaeological team to conduct a trial excavation of the site in 2021 and will continue to follow-up and monitor the site during construction.

DORTS pointed out that due to the influence of unfavorable foreign and domestic factors, such as the pandemic, labor and material shortages, domestic engineering saturation, and the Russia-Ukraine war, Taipei City Government has actively invited investors to bid and adjusted project funding in accordance with market conditions to increase companies’ willingness to bid, and successfully award the bid. DORTS stated that in addition to expressing gratitude to the companies for their willingness to support public works, they have also demonstrated Taipei City Government’s resolve to promote the construction of public transportation. They also expressed their belief that this will also lead to the smooth advancement of other MRT project bids in the future along with the gradual completion of the expansion of the MRT route network. DORTS also anticipates the smooth opening of bid for section contract CQ880B, which will enable construction of Wanda line Phase II to fully commence and for it to be connected with Huilong Station on the Zhonghe-Xinlu line at as early a date as possible.

DORTS further elaborated that following the completion of construction of the entire Wanda line, the travel demands between Zhongzheng District and Wanhua District in Taipei City and Tucheng District, Banqiao District, Shulin District and Xinzhuang District in New Taipei City will be satisfied. Furthermore, it will also connect with the Zhonghe-Xinlu line, the Bannan line, the Songshan-Xindian line, as well as the Tamsui-Xinyi line, which in addition to expanding the service scope of the MRT system, will also fully develop the overall transportation efficiency of the network.