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Open Solicitation for Xinyi Eastern Extension Guangci/Fengtian Temple Station Public Artwork Submissions

It is up to you to define “New Lohasism” for the Xinyi eastern extension public artwork! On December 1, DORTS launched the public art plan for Xinyi eastern extension Guangci/Fengtian Temple Station to solicit domestic and foreign public art creations. DORTS stated that a briefing session on the collection of submissions will be held at 2pm on December 11 at DORTS headquarters on the 9th floor in Conference Room 1, and interested creators from all walks of life are welcome to actively participate. Conveying the spirit of urban Lohas in the new century through artwork will make Guangci/Fengtian Temple Station into a public scene where the visitors can stop and contemplate for a while.


DORTS explained that “New Lohasism” is the public art theme for Xinyi eastern extension Guangci/Fengtian Temple Station. At least one artwork must be installed, and the solicitation plan will run from now until January 23, 2024. One artwork will be selected with a planned funding of NT$5 million. There are no restrictions on qualifications to participate and no limit to the number of submissions. For related information, please refer to the application information or the application website. 


DORTS stated that Guangci/Fengtian Temple Station has the cultural and historical background characteristics of Liugongjun, Zongpo, and Guangci Charity Park. As a result, the “New Lohasism” public art installation concept is a fusion of "Geographical Change" and "Memory of Time and Space" public art concepts. In anticipation of the visual vocabulary of public art, expectations and imagination of the history, present and future of the region will shape urban spaces which promote new and dynamic lifestyle movements.


DORTS pointed out that Guangci/Fengtian Temple Station is adjacent to the Four Beasts Mountains, and the water conservancy construction for Liugongjun irrigation system was established early on due to agricultural development in the Xinyi District. Consequently, the architectural design of the station combines both mountain and water urban imagery to shape MRT design imagery which places importance on ecological and environmental protection and blends in with the natural local landscape. It is hoped that the architectural design of the station will evoke the history and memories of the city among city residents.


DORTS explained that Xinyi eastern extension is the final section of the high-capacity system route network under construction for Taipei MRT. The route continues from Xiangshan Station’s tail track and extends eastbound along Xinyi Road Section 6 to Fude Street in front of Guangci Charity Park and then runs along Fude Street via a shield tunnel to Zhongpo South Road and terminates at Yucheng Park. With a total length of 1.4km, one underground station and one tail track for operations and dispatching will be established. DORTS stated that construction of Xinyi eastern extension is expected to be completed before the end of 2025, and henceforth it will be very convenient whether people are near Tiger Mountain, going to a temple to pray, or going to the Xinyi District Administrative Center for business.