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Department of Rapid Transit Systems

Affiliated Departments

Affiliated Departments

DORTS' Divisions and Offices

Division Telephone
Contact Numbers:
Comprehensive Planning Division 02-2521-8285
Civil Engineering and Architectural Design Division 02-2511-9719
Electrical and Mechanical Design Division 02-2521-8697
Construction Management Division 02-2521-8093
Joint Development Division 02-2521-8457
Quality Assurance Division 02-2521-8105
Information and Technology Development Division 02-2521-8209
Land Acquisition Office 02-2511-9569
Financial and Asset Management Office 02-2511-4028
Accounting Office 02-2511-4856
Administrative Services Office 02-2521-8513
Public Relations Office 02-2521-8560
Personnel Office 02-2521-8252
Government Ethics Office 02-2521-8225

DORTS' District Project Offices

Division Telephone
Contact Numbers:
North District Project Office 02-2896-1806
East District Project Office 02-2653-3288
South District Project Office 02-2365-8218
Central District Project Office 02-2577-8870
Systemwide E&M Project Office 02-2570-0002