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2009 Major Administrative Plans of Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems

1. Complete construction of the Neihu line:
Complete civil engineering work, manufacture and installation of systemwide electrical and mechanical (E&M) facilities, system-integration tests, initial and final system inspections, and preparations for inauguration.

2. Expedite construction of the Xinzhuang and Luzhou lines, and the Nangang eastern extension:
Continue implementing civil engineering, trackwork, and the heat, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC) systems; oversee the manufacture and installation of systemwide E&M facilities and conduct related tests; continue civil engineering and systemwide E&M engineering work for the Nangang eastern extension from Nangang Station to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station.

3. Expedite construction of the Xinyi and Songshan lines:
Continue implementing civil engineering, trackwork, and the heat, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, as well as common utility duct construction; implement systemwide E&M work and detailed design of electric multiple units (EMUs).

4. Expedite construction of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System's Sanchong-Taipei section:
Continue implementing civil engineering work; complete the detailed design of the joint development (JD) building on Parcel C1.

5. Expedite construction of the Circular line Phase I and the Tucheng extension to Dingpu:
Conduct civil engineering detailed design, land acquisition, tendering, and civil engineering work; implement the detailed design of the systemwide E&M system and EMUs of the Circular line Phase I, as well as the Tucheng extension to Dingpu systemwide E&M system detailed design.

6. Expedite construction of Yuanshan Exhibition Venue of the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo and conduct contract management of the Taipei Bus Station BOT project on Parcel No. T9.

7. Continue the drawing up of planning reports, financial plan reports, and environmental impact assessment reports for the Ankeng line, Sanying line, Xinyi eastern extension, Shezi, Shilin, Beitou light rail lines, Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin line, North-South line, and Minsheng-Xizhi line in accordance with central government reviews.

8. Continue implementing MRT land development projects, site selection, negotiating and contracting with landowners, architectural concept design, investor selection, rights and interests allocation, contract implementation, real estate management, fund management, and the drawing up of related laws and regulations for land development, city-owned land development projects and urban renewal commissioned by other related departments, land acquisition through negotiation and purchase for the Circular line, the drawing up of investor selection documents; provide technical consultation services to the "Taichung Metropolitan MRT Wuri-Wenxin-Beitun Line Depot & Station Land Development Project," and the "Taoyuan Metropolitan MRT Network Planning and Land Development Project."

9. Improve overall information technology (IT) system performance; update UNIX computer system; update DORTS' whole IT network framework; initiate the government service network (GSN) to connect district project offices and site offices with DORTS' Intranet; continue promoting knowledge management to shape an organizational culture of learning; establish Web2.0 IT operation environment.

10. Enhance fulfillment of quality control (internal systems) and strengthen inspection of contractors' major construction items and fulfillment of quality plans; enhance management efficiency of material tests and material verification; strengthen the training, checking and approval of official documentation; improve official documentation quality and maintain zero-delay performance in dealing with official documentation; reflect current construction status and increase management efficiency of each project under the supervision of the Executive Yuan and Taipei City government.