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Duties of Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS)

Comprehensive Planning Division

  • MRT network planning:
  • Route planning
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Planning of land for MRT facilities
  • Operational planning
  • Coordination of urban planning and public facilities
  • Drafting financial plans
  • Land acquisition
  • Demolition coordination and dispensing of compensation


Civil Engineering and Architectural Design Division

  • Detailed design review of the following:
  • Civil engineering
  • Structural and geotechnical engineering
  • Architecture and landscaping
  • Electrical & mechanical engineering
  • Detailed design contract management


Electrical and Mechanical Design Division

  • Planning, design, budget arrangement, and detailed design review of the following:
  • Electric multiple units (EMUs)
  • Signal system
  • Power supply system
  • Communication system
  • Automatic fare collection
  • Maintenance depots


Construction Management Division

  • Construction tendering
  • Construction management of schedule and cost
  • Construction management of electrical & mechanical engineering
  • Supervising and checking of safety and health
  • Total quality management
  • Quality audits
  • Material tests
  • Research, development, and evaluations


Joint Development Division

  • Zoning & joint development (JD) land planning
  • JD project evaluation
  • JD land management
  • JD contracting and construction management
  • Assisting investors with investment finance
  • Management of city owned JD land and real estate management
  • Amendments of JD rules and contracts


Information Technology Development Division

  • Document management, application & promotion, training:
  • Establishment, management, and maintenance of construction application information system and computer operation system
  • Transferring technology and consultation service to other domestic MRT authorities
  • Management of MRT technical documents
  • Application of information technology on construction
  • Planning, development, application and promotion of integrated information systems
  • Management and maintenance of information facilities


Financial and Asset Management Office

  • Finance raising and distribution
  • Finance and asset management
  • Right-of-way management
  • Cost analysis
  • Construction insurance
  • Fund raising and distribution of joint development land
  • Management of replacement fund for fixed assets
  • Cashier


Administrative Services Office

  • Promote modernization of official document management
  • Archives management
  • General administration
  • Coordinating and dealing with suggestions and petitions from the public
  • Issuing & distributing PR materials such as brochures, newsletters
  • Producing MRT introduction videos
  • Collecting & responding to public opinions & suggestions
  • News releases & mass media contacts
  • Establishing a bilingual environment


Accounting Office

  • Budget control
  • Accounting
  • Statistics


Personnel Office

  • Promotion, employment, discharge, retirement, severance, bonuses and punishment, employee insurance
  • Domestic and overseas study and training
  • Recreational activities


Government Ethics Office

  • Equipment and facility inspections
  • Protection of official secrets
  • Government ethics publicity
  • Anti-corruption publicity


First District Project Office

  • Xinzhuang Line (New Taipei City section)
  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System (Taipei City section)
  • Tucheng Line (improvement construction)
  • Tamsui Line (added construction)
  • Circular Line
  • East section of the Nangang Line and Nangang Eastern Extension
  • Muzha Line
  • Neihu Line
  • Circular Line


Second District Project Office

  • Songshan Line
  • Luzhou Line
  • Taichung MRT
  • Xinzhuang Line (Taipei City section)
  • Xinyi Line


Systemwide E&M Project Office

  • Electric multiple units (EMUs)
  • Signaling system
  • Power supply system
  • Communication system
  • Elevator & escalator systems
  • Automatic fare collection system
  • Depot facilities