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Duties of Second District Project Office (SDPO)

Civil Engineering Section


Civil and architectural work:

  • Construction site supervision
  • Schedule control
  • Material inspection & construction quality supervision
  • Construction site safety and hygiene supervision
  • Change orders
  • Detailed design contract management during construction phase

Electrical and Mechanical Section


Electrical & mechanical work:

  • Construction site supervision
  • Schedule control
  • Material quality control and engineering quality supervision
  • Change orders

Contract Management Section


Civil engineering, architecture, electrical & mechanical, and environmental control system:

  • Tendering
  • Contracting
  • Contract document management
  • Contractor evaluations
  • Management of arbitration, national compensation, and legal procedures

Administrative Services Office

  • Public relations
  • Archives management
  • Research, development, and evaluations
  • General administration
  • Cashier
  • Official seal management
  • Miscellaneous affairs not included in the responsibilities of the other sections

Accounting Office

  • Budget control
  • Accounting
  • Statistics

Personnel Office

  • Human resources management

Government Ethics Office

  • Equipment and facility inspections
  • Protection of official secrets
  • Government ethics publicity
  • Anti-corruption publicity