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Mayor Ko Wen-je Promotes Heavyweight Land Development Project Deadline for Bidding on Jincheng Depot and Juguang Station/Kalah Station on January 3, 2023

DORTS stated that Wanda line Phase I is estimated to be opened for operations in 2026, and the current rate of construction progress is 62%. Along the route of Phase I, there are a total of six land development projects, and among them is the Jincheng Depot and Juguang Station/Kalah Station land development project with an estimated sales amount of NT$40 billion for the development. Investor solicitation was formally announced on June 30, and the deadline for the receipt of tender documents is on January 3 of next year (2023). Selection and contract signing tasks are expected to be completed in the second half of 2023. Following the announcement, DORTS hosted an investment solicitation briefing on August 22. In addition to the special characteristics of this project and the investment conditions, the base interface, original land ownership value, and the equity conversion calculation table rationale were also explained together.

DORTS explained that Jincheng Depot and Juguang Station are located in New Taipei City south of Juguang Rd. in Zhonghe District and north of Section 2, Jincheng Rd. in Tucheng District. With a base area of 35,000 ping and an estimated development volume exceeding 94,000 ping, the planned development is for a mega-town with a large-scale residential community, high-rise building, and shopping malls and man-made platforms centered around Jincheng Depot and Juguang Station. With a total sales amount exceeding NT$40 billion, it will lead the development of the surrounding areas. Moreover, Kalah Station is located in Wanhua District, Taipei City on Wanda Rd. adjacent to Kuang-Jen Elementary School and is in the Youth Park neighborhood. With a base area of 128 ping, it is expected to be developed into seven floors of exquisite above-ground housing. Southern Wanhua has complete living functionality and lower housing costs than other administrative districts, and it will attract first-time buyers in Taipei and also be favored by new families as well as people wishing to move to different homes.

DORTS further elaborated that Jingcheng Depot is only 10 minutes by car from Xinban Special Zone while also being close to industrial settlements in Zhonghe District and Tucheng District. Along with the pace of industrial upgrades in recent years, there has been a gradual shift from traditional manufacturing to high value-added information and communications technology parks, which has brought about large amounts of employment opportunities for the talented elite. The demand for housing in the surrounding cities has increased significantly, which has been coupled with the gradual completion of transportation construction. The number of rezoning cases from Tucheng has been suspended, and the housing market trends will provide a glimpse into future development of this project.

DORTS pointed out that after Wanda line is opened for operations, convenient transportation and living functionality will fall into place, and another living circle will be built in Banqiao. The total investment amount for the two location bases in this project exceed NT$20 billion, and the economy of scale is profound. As soon as the announcement was made, it attracted many groups of large-scale investors vying to win the bidding, as it is an excellent target for planting a land development flag along the Wanda line. DORTS emphasized that they have handled land development for over 30 years, and the system has been perfected. It is hoped that investors will actively participate in this land development project to enable the continuous flow of kinetic energy in the private sector to be injected into public construction, and citizens and investors will join hands with public construction to create a new future.

Wanda line Phase I runs from Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station, which is the transfer station between the Tamsui-Xinyi line and the Songshan-Xindian line, and the entire line will be constructed underground. It traverses Zhongzheng District and Wanhua District in Taipei City and Yonghe District, Zhonghe District, and Tucheng District in New Taipei City. With a total of nine stations and one depot, in addition to optimizing mass transit, it will drive urban development along the route as well as create investment and development opportunities.

DORTS stated that a special information disclosure area has been established on the DORTS integrity platform (https://www.dorts.gov.taipei/cp.aspx?n=AD43A2270196A11D), and the progress of the selection procedures will be disclosed in accordance with the processing progress, case clearance, whistle blowing window, and other information. Information will be proactively published for external inspection in order to provide a safe investment environment and increase public supervision and participation.