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MRT Technology Summer Internship: Unique and Difficult to Come By, Sign Up ASAP!

Registration has opened for the MRT Technology Summer Internships, which are eagerly anticipated by students who love to explore railway expertise. DORTS stated that in 2022 the internship period is from July 4 to August 26, and 24 students are expected to enrol. Furthermore, applicants who are moving up to their junior year in public and private tertiary institutions are eligible with preference given to senior students, and from now until May 10 they can apply to register through their schools. For details on the program please refer to the Program link below.

DORTS explained that the summer internship program content consists of a series of free MRT engineering and construction experience inheritance and learning activities which are designed for students and are unlike ordinary work-study internships. Students who participated in the internships in previous years stated that during the internship period participants were able to visit MRT construction sites. It is an unprecedented experience and they consequently felt that they had greatly benefited. Moreover, they appreciated the enthusiasm of the internship mentors in their professional fields.

DORTS further elaborated stating that the 8-week internship course sections are divided into specialized courses and common courses. Students will be led by the departments in accordance with the nature of their affairs to MRT construction sites, depots, and joint development high-rises to gain in-depth insight into the professional affairs of each field and department.

As an inheritor and leader of domestic railway construction, DORTS began to host the Summer Student Internship Program in 2017. Through internships students not only acquire goal-oriented learning concepts, but through a combination of theory and practice, the re-learning burdens faced by students following graduation are also reduced, and the resilience of interns in the workplace is also improved. DORTS pointed out that practical experience in the workplace assists students in the integration of professional curriculum in schools to make theory and practice mutually complementary. DORTS colleagues serve as lecturers and can pass on their experience through lecturing to achieve the benefits of teaching and learning.

Considering that domestic COVID-19 infections are at a new high and have yet to cease, DORTS will adjust the duration and content of the internships in accordance with the epidemic situation (including suspending internships etc.). Students who are interested in applying for internships should apply after careful evaluation.