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Wanda Line First Flagship Development Project Investor Solicitation for Jincheng Depot and Juguang Station / Kalah Station Explanatory Meeting Will be Held on June 15

The construction progress of the Wanda line Phase I has currently reached 61%. DORTS stated that with a total investment and construction amount exceeding NT$20 billion and a total sales amount exceeding NT$40 billion, the investor solicitation explanatory meeting for the two sites at Jincheng Depot and Juguang Station/ Kalah Station will be held on the Wednesday (the 15th) at Metro Link International Hall.

DORTS explained that for this Wanda line land development project, the investors will be selected by one tender combining two cases, and DORTS will officially announce the initiation of investor solicitation prior to June 30. If the selection tasks proceed smoothly, the best applicant is expected to complete contract signing in the second half of 2023. DORTS holds high hope to see active participation of major domestic investors in order to enhance regional business development. In the future, in cooperation with the Wanda line construction progress, four land development projects along the line will be announced in succession including Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station, Xiaan Station, Zhonghe Station and Liancheng Jinhe Station.

DORTS pointed out that a combined tender method will be employed for two sites at Jincheng Depot and Juguang Station/ Kalah Station, and they will be developed by one group of investors. DORTS emphasized that for the two projects the total investment and construction amount exceeds NT$20 billion, and the total sales amount exceeds NT$40 billion; furthermore, it is a land development project of significant scale and real economy incentives, which is bound to become an excellent target for investors hoping to play a part in the land development along the Wanda line.

DORTS further elaborated that Jincheng Depot and Juguang Station are located to the north of Section 2, Jincheng Rd. and to the south of Juguang Rd. in Tucheng District, New Taipei City with a base area of up to 35,000 pings (115,703m2). The estimated development volume exceeds 94,000 pings (310,745m2), and it is expected to be developed into a large-scale residential community, office building, shopping mall, and giant town built on a man-made platform centered at the MRT depot and station which takes a leading role in peripheral development. The depot is a strong incentive to the local industry in Zhonghe and Tucheng areas. With more jobs brought by industrial development, more residents will move in, resulting in an expectable need in housing.

DORTS also stated that Kalah Station is located on Wanda Rd. Wanhua District, Taipei City adjacent to Kuang-Jen Elementary School in the Youth Park living circle.  With a base area of 128 pings (423 m2), it is expected to be developed into a seven-floor exquisite above-ground housing. Southern Wanhua has comprehensive living functionality with lower housing prices than any other administrative districts and will attract first-time buyers in Taipei and be favored by new families as well as those seeking their next house.

In order to ensure fairness, impartiality and openness in the investment process, the Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice, Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office, and the Taipei City Agency Against Corruption have been invited to this explanatory meeting to jointly declare the establishment of  the “Jincheng Depot and Juguang Station/ Kalah Station Land Development Project Integrity Platform,” to implement and build a transparent and incorruptible investment environment, as well as uphold cross-domain governance and the concept of cross-agency cooperation, in order to put Mayor Ko Wen-je’s policy of “open government , public participation, and openness and transparency” into practice in hopes that the process of investor solicitation will proceed smoothly.

Taipei DORTS stated that the Wanda line Phase I, which is currently under construction, starts from Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station and forms transfer points with the Tamsui-Xinyi line and the Songshan-Xindian line. The entire line is underground, traversing Zhongzheng District and Wanhua District in Taipei City as well as Yonghe District, Zhonghe District, and Tucheng District in New Taipei City, with a total of nine stations and one depot. Following the completion of construction and opening for operation, in addition to optimizing public transportation, it will also drive urban development along the route and create development and investment opportunities. In response to the pandemic, the on-site explanatory meeting will be streamed online simultaneously. Investors who are unable to attend in person are invited to enter the streaming website to participate in the meeting.