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Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je Takes a Test Ride to Review Operations | Taichung MRT Has Its New Gear Shafts Installed and Tested on EMUs

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je, on the first working day following the Lunar New Year, went to Taichung to take heed of the full load testing of the MRT electric train couplers. He also took a test ride on an electric train car to review operations.
Taipei DORTS stated that the new gear shafts have been installed on the electric train cars. Following the trial run operation on the mainline for 300 km and another 500 km for full load testing, the above-said operations were continuingly up and running on February 17. During his test ride, Mayor Ko viewed how the coupler functioned through a monitoring computer on an electric train car. He also expressed a high level of affirmation regarding DORTS' diligent efforts toward improving coupler failure.
Since the failure incident of the couplers on Taichung MRT Green line on November 21, 2020, Taipei City Government has faced the problem with a responsible attitude and actively handled it. On December 6, Mayor Ko visited Beitun Depot and listened to a briefing to understand the failure situation. He demanded that the manufacturer, Kawasaki Heavy Industry, take full responsibility and DORTS establish an investigation committee for the failure incident as soon as possible; in the hope to solve the problem thoroughly with the assistance from experts and scholars, so as to win the public social trust and ensure future operational safety.
Taipei City DORTS explained that, right after the failure incident, on December 18, Taipei City Government established the "Review Committee of the Investigation Report on the Taichung MRT Green Line Semi-Permanent Coupler Failure" to examine the reports submitted by the manufacturer in terms of gear shaft reinforcement, material quality, assembly and installation, and preventive maintenance.
Taipei City DORTS stated that the 39 improved gear shafts were required for original factory testing and verification conducted by the suppliers. Besides, following the gear shafts' delivery in batches in January 2021, they were sent for examination carried out by an impartial third party on a sampling basis to ensure that the quality meets the specifications. Subsequently, on February 1, installing couplers on 18 electric train cars was completed; on February 4, 300 km of mainline testing was completed. Finally, on February 9, full load testing was completed.
Mayor Ko considerably affirms Taipei City DORTS's active and responsible attitude towards the improvement on the electric train cars' couplers. He also expressed his affirmation and encouragement to the onsite engineering staff.
Taipei City DORTS stated that following the "Review Committee of the Investigation Report on the Taichung MRT Green Line Semi-Permanent Coupler Failure" reviewed the manufacturer’s investigation report, an official letter has been issued to Taichung City Government on February 17. DORTS explained that related improvement tasks have been completed, and Taichung City Government will subsequently decide on the scheduling time for the opening of the line.