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First Shield Tunnel in Section under New Taipei City's Jurisdiction on Wanda Line to be Completed in July

There are three shield tunnels in section contract CQ860 of the Wanda line, and  three individual shield machines have been arranged to carry out the excavation works. Up to now, where one of the three machines has reached Zhonghe Station (LG06) from Liancheng Jinhe Station (LG07) on July 5, 2021.

This tunnel, which is one of the three in section contract CQ860, is located at Liancheng Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, and is designed in the form of two parallel lines. The two lines will be stacked on top of one another before Zhonghe Station in order to connect with the station structure. The total track length of this tunnel, including both the upper and the lower stacks, is 1.3 km, and one shield machine has been allotted for the excavation of the section. The excavation work being carried out in two shifts around the clock, and EPB tunnelling is being implemented in order to cope with the local geological characteristics and to overcome the relatively firm bedrock that the construction team encountered during excavation. Finally, the work on the lower stack was completed on July 5, 2021, when the shield machine reached the Wanda line's Zhonghe Station. Excavation work on the upper stack will subsequently commence using the same shield machine after the machine has been moved to the right position.

DORTS would like to thank the local residents around the site for supporting the MRT construction. Along with the successful completion of the shield tunnel in this section, the operating shield machine is the first to have reached the section under New Taipei City's jurisdiction on the Wanda line, and this symbolizes great progress toward the completion of  Wanda line.