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Seizing Opportunity! Call for Your Submission to MRT Public Artwork Commission for the Greenest Line in Taipei MRT

DORTS stated that the Wanda line Phase I construction will be completed in late 2025. In order to
create an unforgettable artistic MRT line, from now until May 18 DORTS are to select eight public
artworks in one batch at a total budget of nearly NT$50 million. DORTS explained that on March 29 at 2:00 PM at the DORTS First Meeting Room (9F, No. 7, Lane 48, Section 2, Zhongshan N. Rd.
Zhongshan Dist. Taipei City) a briefing for the commission of artworks will be held, and those who
have interests are welcome to attend! DORTS will enable attendees to quickly understand the selectioncriteria within minutes via a short artwork commission video.

【Most Expensive Public Art Commission in the History of Taipei MRT】

DORTS pointed out that the creation of sustainable green energy transportation is a goal that the citygovernment team continuously promotes. In order to provide a high-quality transportation
environment, the installation of public art in stations has a bonus effect. The public artwork
commission this time comes seven years after the last public artwork selection for MRT Dingpu Station, and DORTS is once again hosting the event by means of a public selection. DORTS stated that the funding of nearly NT$50 million this time could be considered the most expensive public art commission in the history of Taipei MRT, and those who are interested are strongly encouraged to seize the opportunity!

【Look of the Entire Line’s Seating on Your Call】

DORTS further elaborated that the seating for the entire line is an artwork where a funding up to
NT$15 million (approximately NT$1.67 million per station) is to be granted to the artist who create it. The aim is to create at least two sets of seating that are designed based on the main theme of the Wanda line, “Green. Rhythm”, so that this theme can resonate throughout every station.

【The First Time to Promote Public Art Digitally】

DORTS also stated that the public art at Shanglian Station, "Dawning Sail", had its first time to select artworks publicly, and in the past 30 years 60 public artworks have been installed throughout the entire MRT route network; furthermore, many of the artworks have been the recipients of public art awards conferred by the Ministry of Culture. In order to provide the public with public art throughout the entire route network, DORTS is selecting an entire-line participatory project for the first time and hope to digitally promote public art for the entire route network.

【You Design, I Install. (Rest at Ease for Art Actualization) 】

Having concerns about art installation? No worries, DORTS get your back! The art design for the
ventilation shafts and entrances/exits at LG04 Kalah Station and LG05 Yonghe Yongping Elementary School Station will be specially selected by drawing commission, and the selected works will be installed by DORTS. Both adults and juniors are welcome to submit their drawings.
DORTS also stated that anyone who has interests in this public art commission and public art in the Taipei MRT can visit the DORTS website to have a general view on public artworks on each of the Taipei MRT lines. For attendees' convenience, both hardcopies of commission instructions and
pamphlets for public art in the Taipei MRT will be available at the briefing.