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The “Greenest” MRT Line: Open Solicitation for Public Art Submissions Due on May 18

At a total cost of nearly NT$50 million, the open solicitation of public artworks submissions for Wanda line Phase I will close on May 18 at 5:00 pm (based on delivery time). DORTS reminded members of the public with aspirations to have their design artworks placed in MRT stations to be sure to deliver their artworks to DORTS (No. 7, Lane 84, Section 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., Taipei City) before the deadline.
The Taipei MRT Public Art Solicitation Event with the Largest Budget in History
The Wanda line Phase I open solicitation for public art submissions has attracted attention from people in various sectors. Seven years have already passed since the last open solicitation for public art at Dingpu Station. Furthermore, DORTS has already allotted NT$50 million for this open solicitation of public art, and one could say that it is the most expensive Taipei MRT public art solicitation in history. Therefore, all interested members of the public are urged to seize this opportunity.
The Seating Design of the Entire Line can be Determined by You
DORTS further elaborated and stated that the cost of the seating for the entire line will be up to NT$15 million (approximately NT$1.67 million per station). The goal is to create at least two component seats at each station which are dedicated to the Wanda line, and they are required to integrate into the overall “Green, Rhythm” theme of the entire line. This will present a full range of works in a series, and the imagery should echo between and mutually connect the stations.
Public Art is Promoted Digitally for the First Time
DORTS also stated that the public art at Shuanglian Station (Dawning Sail) was the first time that artwork was selected through public solicitation, and in the past 30 years 60 public artworks have been installed throughout the entire MRT route network; furthermore, many of the artworks have been the recipients of public art awards sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. In order to provide the public with public art throughout the entire route network, DORTS is selecting a full-line participatory project for the entire line for the first time and hope to digitally promote public art for the entire route network.
You Design, I Install  (Rest at Ease for Art Actualization) 
Are you just able to draw artworks but not able to install them? No problem; leave the installation work to DORTS! The design of the ventilation shafts and entrances/exits at LG04 Kalah Station and LG05 Yonghe Yongping Elementary School Station will be specially selected by means of solicited drawings, and the selected works will be constructed by DORTS. Adults and children are welcome to make enthusiastic submissions.

DORTS also stated that members of the public who are interested in this artworks solicitation event and MRT public artworks can visit the DORTS website and browse public artworks on each of the Taipei MRT lines.