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Songjiang Nanjing MRT Station Land Development Project Tendering Requirements Under Review by Taipei City Government

Regarding Taipei City Councillors’ concern about multiple tender failures for Songjiang Nanjing MRT (M13) Station Land Development Project, Taipei City DORTS stated that following a review of the reasons for failures of the investor solicitation being handled multiple times on the development project, a careful review of the mechanism for the allocation of rights and interests is currently underway in cooperation with the revision of the relevant bidding provisions for successful solicitation within the investment period.
Taipei City DORTS explained that investor solicitation for Songjiang Nanjing MRT Station Land Development Project commenced in 2016, and to date because there have either been no applicants or because there has only been one applicant, failure to comply with bidding regulations has resulted in multiple tender failures. DORTS reviewed the reasons for tender failures, and found that factors such as poor market sentiment, too small of scale, and the land development operation rights distribution mechanism accounted for investors’ not wishing to participate in bidding. In order to increase potential investors’ willingness to bid and reduce the impact of market recession on tendering results, DORTS is currently handling operation mechanisms for land development operations rights and interests allocation and carefully reviewing and revising relevant tendering requirements in order to attract more willing investors and successfully complete investor solicitation.
Taipei City DORTS further explained that the first floor iron rolling door for M13 Land Development Project is closed, and since July 2017, the cleaning company has been requested to clean the arcade daily and carry out onsite inspections. Furthermore, there are notice stickers in the arcade prohibiting vendor stalls along with warning tape, and as soon as illegal vendor stalls are discovered, the police are immediately informed to provide assistance in advising and prohibiting vendors in order to maintain the environment and order.